Chewie and the Irish People

So today I spoke to the Irishman’s mom and dad and aunt and uncle via skype, so they got to see me, the only problem with this is I was not forewarned. I had no makeup on and workout clothes on. Do any of you know how stressful this is? I never allow anyone to see me without makeup! I had to do an early morning delivery of United Way sale items and was dropping off, leaving, quick Starbucks run, then planned on working out. Not talking to future in-laws via Jetsons technology. It was the first time they had seen me. Can you believe that is the way they saw me??? They must think I am the ugliest creature alive. The absolute horror!
I did not get to work out, too traumatized, I did however clean everything in sight today. All clothes are clean, it is clean sheet day, and it was so pretty the back door was open all day so Chewie could come and go as he pleased.
Speaking of Chewie, the Irishman was showing his family Chewie and he was telling them that Chewie is 15 and is slower now. About that time, Chewie begins hopping about, as if to prove him wrong. He was saying, uh yeah, whatever, look at me!
I love that dog!
Well that was my traumatizing day, I will have to go to therapy to get past the horror of it all. I hope everyone else had a great Saturday.

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