Cliche’ Day

Well it is Sunday and I find myself living a cliché’, I am lazy, after cleaning like a dervish yesterday I figure I deserve it. What is it about a man that when he lives with a woman he becomes a boy again? Not doing laundry, not vacuuming, not cleaning the bathrooms. It is no wonder I am so tired! We are going to have to have a talk. I cannot do it all, I have never been one of those women who said oh I want it all. I can do it all. No, I need help! And yes I do realize that one brief sentence has left me open to a Jess comment. I look forward to it.
I have gone grocery shopping and loaded up with Skinny Cow products, they are saving my life. The dark chocolate caramel treats are particularly tasty, I have to hide them from the Irishman as he eats them all. He doesn’t seem to understand he is already skinny, he does not need to be a skinny cow, I do!
Recently I have become enamored with iced coffee, so good, what a tasty, caffeine filled treat. Well this morning, or rather, afternoon, I have created my own! Very proud of it, I love coffee, I know I haven’t said much about it lately, but we are very much still in love. Coffee loves me, I love coffee, it is symbiotic, It gives me energy and well, I give it validation for it’s very existence. Remember, caffeine is God’s way of saying “I love you Angie”.

2 Replies to “Cliche’ Day”

  1. Why should I make a comment when just the anticipation of me making one drives you into a tizzy? My work is done here without ever having to do anything. Sounds like a great day for me!
    Oh… and getting hooked on Iced Coffee right as Pumpkin Spice Latte comes out again? Bad move. That, then Peppermint Mochas and Toffee Mochas and before you know it, it is cold enough to pretend that it is to cold to drink Iced Drinks. You definitely could have planned this better.


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