More Weight Loss

So this morning I weighed and I have lost even more, I can see my rib cage and I have clothes on that I have never been able to wear since buying them. I went through my closet this weekend and got rid of all of the clothes that are too big now. It is as if I have a whole new wardrobe, I am so very happy! I want to lose another 48 pounds, that will make me heartbreakingly thin, I cannot wait! I am following the Weight Watchers plan, I am sticking to my 29 points a day, I also eat a lot of watermelon. If you put salt on it, that curbs the craving for salty treats.
Yesterday I walked over 2 miles. I am very happy about that, I was not even tired, but I was very sweaty, which means you are sweating out the fat, right? I hope, I hate being sweaty for no reason! I hate to sweat period, so if it is not for a good reason forget about it.
I also got my new boots I ordered a month ago, they are Colin Stewart boots, and are fantastic! Brown suede, with only a moderate heel, but they are knee-high with the fold over top. Very nice indeed. I cannot wait for full on boot season!
Losing weight and being thin makes me happy, it is the one thing in my life I can control, and being a control freak, this totally helps when nothing else is within my control. I can understand why people become anorexic. It is a control issue, you can control your food when you can control nothing else. I do not believe I am headed down that road, but one never knows. I have a lot of body image issues, I fully and readily admit that. I refuse to be seen in a swimsuit, I refuse to show my legs, I refuse to show my stomach, my arms, well you name it. I do believe the Muslim women are onto something, along with the old-fashioned Nuns. Cover everything! However, here is where I differ, I love form-fitting clothes, nothing loose on me! I can’t stand too big or baggy clothing. I know it is strange for someone who has body issues. TTFN

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