I know, I know, I know, this will seem redundant at first glance. However, I’ve seen new things that add even more nuance to the issue at hand.

Joss Whedon, I grow more disillusioned by the day. Ray Fisher was bad enough, now we have Gal Gadot lending credibility to the bad behavior that went on during the Justice League filming.

First of all Gal Gadot is a real life Wonder Woman. She is an Israeli trained soldier. In real life. She isn’t just a pretty face, she’s the real deal. When Whedon tried to intimidate her, well, she didn’t go meekly into the night.

I know this was published back in February, but I just saw this. Charisma Carpenter’s account of what happened to her on the set of Buffy/Angel. I had long suspected part of it. But to see the whole thing was sickening. I highly suggest you check out her twitter account from February 21st.

After Charisma’s post the floodgates opened. His ex-wife stated in 2017 that he was a serial cheater and a liar. He touts himself as a modern day male feminist. Just look at all of my female characters, he says. But behind the scenes it’s a completely different story.

Amber Benson has hinted at her Whedon induced trauma, as has Michelle Tratenberg. She has said there was a rule he was not allowed to meet with her alone due to his inappropriate behavior with her. She was a minor at the time. What did he do to Harriet the Spy???? Sarah Michelle Gellar has issued a statement saying she would forever be proud to be associated with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but did not want her name associated with Joss Whedon.

I would love to hear from others, the bigger names, some from the Avengers crew. But perhaps those stars were big enough names that he behaved himself. We may never know, what I do know is that my favorite shows are forever tainted.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, The Dollhouse, Firefly, Agents of Shield, the Avengers. All tainted now, Joss Whedon proving that the ones that ring their own bells the loudest have something hiding behind all of the clanging.

The Greatness That is Joss Whedon

I made a decision Thursday evening, nay, a commitment, I was watching the current episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and it made me want to watch the first Avengers movie. But I felt I had to earn it, so I started with Ironman and worked my way towards The Avengers, Earths Mightiest Heroes.

I still laugh in all of the appropriate places and get goosebumps when the team is shown altogether for the first time, suited up. It’s a magical time and place, almost like Tahiti.

What makes it so magical you ask, I’m so glad you did, it is Joss Whedon of course. He injects the right amount of humor, horror, fun, adventure and gives us heroes with flaws and it is all perfection.

They are all unapologetically human, even Thor, who is Asgardian, they all bicker and fight and are snarky and sarcastic and in the end have each others back. Just like family.

Joss writes amazing female characters, from Buffy to Willow, Cordelia, Fred, River, Kaylee, Inara, Zoe, Faith, Echo, Sierra, Whiskey and Adele. So from the beginning I knew he was going to do Black Widow justice, and he did, she was smart, funny, strong, intuitive and inventive. She can think on the fly and can make the bad guys hurt.

You can see Joss’s influence throughout the whole movie, one of my favorite lines is “he’s adopted.” Simple, but works and is funny, I still laugh.

If you have not watched this movie I suggest you bone up on Buffy, Angel, Firefly, The Dollhouse and yes, Agents of SHIELD, then watch all of the Marvel movies that come before The Avengers. It might take you a few weeks but I think you will enjoy it more.

You can also see Joss’s influences in Endgame and Infinity War. It’s the humor, it is trademark Whedon, you cannot have such heavy movies without the humor, otherwise you come out of the theater felling like you have been beaten down.

I think if I ever met Joss Whedon I would just pass out, it would be far worse than meeting Dean Cain or Scott Baio.

He is not a crush, he is an intellectual crush, which is much worse when it comes to meeting someone.

Speaking of crushes, I am in a Twitter war with someone over Luke Pasqualino, I shall win, of course. When I say Twitter war, I mean fun back and forth banter over an actor. I will win of course. Of course.

This next week will be a short one with the holiday, then next week I shall be spending it with Tessa.

I hope you all have a great day and enjoy some television! Go, learn about Joss and watch his greatness unfold in front of you! Oh and may I suggest his rendition of Much Ado About Nothing, that was awesome! I’m a big fan of Shakespeare as well and he did that play justice.

As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be sent to me at angie@angieworld.com. Peace out peeps!


Catching Up

I know it has been a while since I checked in, however, in my defense, I have been very busy. Last week was insane, as you know we got the house, we were moving. It was Thanksgiving, which means a visit from Jeffrey’s pup Russ, this year Mickey joined us, our 20-year-old cat that lives with Elizabeth Anne. So, if you are counting, that is 3 animals with us, then to McKinney every day to feed, water, clean the litter box of the other cats that belong to Jeffrey and youngest Alex. Then pack, of course working Thanksgiving and the day after made things incredibly complicated, but we got it done.
The wonderful movers of Tom and Jerry moving showed up Saturday and were wonderful, I cannot imagine this move without them. They made it way less stressful. Saturday was busy right up to 11:00 pm. trying to find things in boxes I had marked not shoes was interesting. God bless the Irishman, he didn’t say a word of criticism on my labeling system. We found enough things to have coffee Sunday morning, so yay.
The house is wonderful, roomy, light and a really good neighborhood, I had forgotten how much I love living in a house as opposed to an apartment. It was a revelation having no one walk on my head during the night.
Stormie is adjusting to her new abode as well, I think she takes delight in sliding on the tile and wood floors. She is so funny, love that dog, she is a true Husky, loving, fun-loving and a wicked sense of humor.
At work yesterday, they gave us the news that 30 people will need to leave our office, there are only 80 of us, this is not good news. Of course I immediately took stock of my skills and realized none of them are marketable outside of the phone company. It is a devastating thought, I don’t know what to do if I am one of the 30. Where will I go, how does one start over at 50, incredibly depressing thought.
The things I love doing I don’t get paid for, being on the radio, writing, none of it pays. So that is out, roller disco doesn’t pay and neither does spouting my opinion.
My dream job would be to watch television and write reviews of my favorite shows, however, I don’t see people paying me for that either. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. Real ideas, not pie in the sky ideas.
I am going to sign off now, Buffy is on, coffee is in hand and I am thinking of cooking myself some Blue and Gold sausage. Happy Wednesday!

Buffy Monday

Well, so far so good, this morning has started with coffee, Buffy, rain and dogs, not necessarily in that order. I think I could get used to this, I guess I will find out when I am working until 9:00 pm. I do believe I am going to like this schedule, drinking coffee in leisure, spending time with the pups, trying to get Nocona to take her fish oil pills. Now that is real fun.
Last night was filled with television, The Walking Dead came back strong, if you have not seen it yet I will not be posting spoilers, just know it was awesome! I can hardly wait till next week, I do believe this is going to be a great season.
The Irishman and I are having to make some decisions in the next month, could really use prayers, nothing major, just deciding whether or not to move and if we move where to. It’s hard to try and move this time of year as the holidays are just starting and the expense of moving with the expense of Christmas, well, as I said, say prayers for a wise decision.
Going to sign off for now, I am going to leave early as it is pouring rain, which makes me happy, but cautious in my driving.

Fatty McButter Pants

I have several things to admit to today, the first is I actually stepped on the scale and if it could talk it would have yelled “hey fatty McButter pants get off of me!” It is beyond ridiculous. I am back on the food wagon big time. I’m so embarrassed.
The next thing is, I love the Walton’s and Little House on the Prairie. There I said it. You see those were the two things that my mom and I bonded over. As everyone knows I was adopted, not as a baby but as an older child. The first thing I noticed was my new mom had the whole set of Little House books, I was already a big fan. I could hardly believe it, I casually mentioned the books. My mom proceeded to tell me she loved them as they reminded her of her childhood in rural Oklahoma in the early 1900’s. It was an immediate bonding moment, we talked about the books and she would interweave her own adventures in the conversation. It was nothing short of magical.
Then one evening the Walton’s was on, I thought I was too cool for such a corny show. My mom said come watch this with me, then proceeded to tell me she loved the show because it reminded her of her early married life during the depression. She shared so many stories with me.
I tell you this in order to explain what happened to me last night. I was flipping through the channels and there it was. The Walton’s, an Easter story. I really tried to flip past it, but I couldn’t. I felt my mothers presence so strongly while it was on, it was nothing short of soothing. Then, to my surprise, was Julie Benz of Buffy and Angel fame. Currently on Defiance, of course I did the only thing I could. I tweeted it, and Julie Benz retweeted me!!! I was so excited! I know, a silly thing to be excited about but when one is currently Fatty McButter pants you have to take joy where you can find it.

Happy Birthday Michael

Well here we are, the day that brings me so many memories. The memories of the day are joyous, my heart still sings with the memory of Michael being born. Hearing his cry, holding him, counting his fingers and toes, looking at his beautiful face.
There is a scene in the Buffy episode The Body, where Buffy imagines what it would have been like if she had just gotten there in time. If her mother had lived.
I have those thoughts of Michael, what would he have been like as an adult. Knowing Jeffrey, Elizabeth and Alex, I believe I get a glimpse of what his humor would have been like. His demeanor, his looks, his closeness to his siblings.
I do wonder, would he have worked in the same field as his brothers or would he be more like me. Would he have gotten married and had children by now.
In an instant I imagine the what if, I think we all do it, we who are left behind.
I know where he is, I know my mom and grandma are taking care of him, taking my place until I can be his mother once more.

Buffy, Coffee and Stuff

I’m sitting here drinking my coffee, watching Buffy, and contemplating my week, trying also to wake up. Sunday nights/Monday mornings are always a little tough, I go to sleep too late and have to wake up way too early. It is made better with my coffee, I did come to the conclusion the Irishman was correct, it was the brand of coffee that was making my stomach hurt so bad.
I don’t know what I would have done if it were actually coffee hurting me, that would have been a calamity of epic proportions. Can you imagine me with no coffee? Me either, without coffee is there even a me? Heady question for such an early morning.
This weekend was full, well Friday night and Saturday were, it was spent with Tessa, se is absolutely amazing. She was waiting for me when I got home on Friday, when we came inside she said Gigi, I miss Chewie, I said yeah me too. She looked at me and said I don’t think you should get another dog Gigi, you’re not ready. Wow, out of the mouths of babes. She is right of course, I don’t think I will ever be ready for another dog, Chewie was a once in a lifetime kind of companion, I feel honored to have gotten to be part of his life.
Saturday was filled with green pancakes and swimming, so much fun playing in the pool with Tess, she makes me young. After her dad, Jeffrey, came and picked her up, I collapsed in a heap of sheer exhaustion. There is a reason I had my children in my youth, I had energy, I took an incredible nap and then did nothing.
Sunday was spent doing nothing as well, I did a lot of nothing this weekend, and I am not afraid to admit it.
I do want to say watching the verdict being announced in the Sandusky case evoked emotions of relief for the victims of this horrendous man. Throughout the trial he seemed at times smug and others jovial, always a smile on his face. A smile. He devastated young boys lives, and he sat there smiling, his wife saying oh that never happened. I never heard anything. Didn’t she think it odd that he went into the basement with young boys? I would have. I hope the victims of this monster can rest a little easier at night knowing that their bravery helped stop his actions. They have saved future boys from this monsters hands, I pray for their peace of mind.
On a lighter note, I have a slight sunburn, I slathered myself in Hawaiian Tropic oil to try and get some color onto my incredibly white skin. I think the burn will turn brown, then I wont be so pale, would be nice if I had some color for summer.

Bad Parenting

I have several things on my mind this morning, well two really, one trivial, one not so much, two rants, which one to choose. I will go with the not trivial one this morning. Yesterday I saw a video while perusing the news stories on Yahoo, it was two parents who put their toddler into a washing machine at a laundromat. The video was soundless, which, as we know from watching Buffy makes it more terrifying to watch. We see the father scoop up the toddler and place him/her (I don’t know) head first into a front loading machine. Then he shuts the door, puts money in and turns it on, the mother then comes around see what he has done and points and they both laugh. Then the mother reaches over to open the door for the poor panicked child. She cannot, because as any semi-intelligent person knows, the machines at the laundromat lock when you turn them on, especially front loading washing machines. The instructions even state that, right there, in black and white, at this point I can only assume these two morons cannot read. They began to panic in earnest, an attendant comes over to see what the commotion is, and he is horrified and begins running toward something, the story said the breakers. The attendant does get the machine to go off and the toddler is saved, minor bruises and what we can assume is a damaged psyche at this point in time. The story didn’t say if charges were being pressed against the parents. One can hope that child protective services were called and the parents will receive some much-needed education. Verbal education as they appear not to be able to read simple instructions at a laundromat.

Parenting is not that hard people, common sense, you do not place your child in a washing machine for fun, or anything! Seriously, you have to take a test to drive a car, join the military, shoot enter college, however, any moron can become a parent. Any idiot can do that, the only time they test is when adoption is involved. When people are in the hospital having a baby there should be a test, if you fail, then classes will be provided to you, you will have to pay for them as idiocy comes with a price. The price should not be the life of your child, it should be with your money, if you have no money, then you should work off the cost of the course by helping other parents after you have completed the course work yourself. Assuming some people can pass, I don’t know what to do with the ones that don’t pass, I have not gotten that far in my thinking process, I am sure I will be slammed for all of this, however, I think we can all guess how much I care about that.

Seriously, stop the madness, if you think it is funny to put a child in a washing machine to watch them panic, you might not make a good parent. Think about it before you procreate.

That’s all.


My New Career

I have decided that I want to do celebrity interviews, the problem is I don’t know any celebrities, however I shall not let that stop me. I am going to do fake celebrity interviews, I will ask the questions then answer how I think they would answer. Fun! Ok, now I just have to decide who is first, I know, Dean Cain is the obvious answer, but I don’t want to be obvious, Christian Kane comes to mind immediately, I mean he is filming the new season of Leverage right now and doing publicity is part of his job. I think I might be to nervous to interview him right now, must gain experience in doing fake celebrity interviews before tackling major crushes.
Ah, the perfect person to cut my teeth on, so to speak, Joss Whedon, he does have the new Avengers moving coming out May 4th, he does need the publicity. Joss it is! I hope I don’t Baio it all up!!!
Welcome everyone to my very first ever fake celebrity interview, please join me in welcoming Fake Joss Whedon to the party!
Me: Mr Whedon, thank you so much for taking the time to speak to me today.
FJW: Please call me Joss, and thank you for allowing me to be your first Fake Celebrity.
Me: Joss, first off, let me get my geeky awkwardness out of the way, I love Buffy, Angel, Firefly, The Dollhouse, really anything you do. I would jump up and down and squeal, however I am trying to pretend I am sophisticated.
FJW: Thank you, my fans are the lifeblood of my career. Without all of you I would just be lining the walls of a studio apartment with unread scripts.
Me: Let’s talk Avengers
FJW: Happily
Me: How was it working with all of these superheros?
FJW: Um, you do realize they are actors right? Not actual superheros?
Me: What!!! You used fake superheros? How does one actually do that in a movie about them?
FJW: I think I made a mistake booking this fake interview.
Me: Next you will be telling me that Angel really wasn’t 200 years old and that a fake vampire was used in the shows.
FJW: Help me!
Me: Ok, was SMG even a real Vampire Slayer?
FJW: I’m fake leaving.
Thank you all for being at my first Fake Celebrity Interview!

Goodbye Tuesday, Hello Monday

Well, Tuesday we meet again, I know that you know that you used to be my favorite day of the week, I know that you are resentful that you are no longer my favorite day. It’s not my fault! Buffy went off the air, Tuesday is no longer as exciting as it once was, I no longer anticipate you with glee, I’m sorry Tuesday. Now I just wake up tired and wishing it were Monday again so I could see the new Castle. I am so sorry, I wish I loved you as much as I used to, I know too well the feelings of abandonment you must feel, cast aside for something younger, newer, fresher and with Nathan Fillion in it. If only a show came on Tuesday nights that had Dean Cain, then you would once again find favor in my life. But for now, Tuesday, you are no longer the favored day.
Zumba day is today, oh look Tuesday, something I love about you again, I realize you have to share that with Thursday, but cheer up, perhaps you will be the light of my life once again.

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