Today is Saturday, who is shocked by that revelation? Appears no one is. I am still not feeling all that great, maybe the doctor meant I would feel good later in the day. We shall see.
I am so very excited, it has happened later than I had hoped, but the high heel bug has bitten Elizabeth Anne. I have never been happier in my entire life, perhaps now she will not hurry me along when I start salivating over a pair of heel! Hmmmm?
I am loving Friday night television, Grimm is wonderful fun, Blue Bloods is so intense, and well, Sanctuary is downright compelling. I also recorded Dateline last night as they were talking about Michael Jackson’s last days. So very sad for his children.
I have not eaten today, just had a pot of coffee, which I love, I have discovered a new coffee, well new to me. Dunkin Donuts coffee, their turbo blend rocks! Woweee, I am buzzing like crazy, buzzing more than off of Starbucks coffee, and that is saying something. So excited I tried it, I will continue to try it. I bought their peppermint mocha flavor, I did not make that today, I will have it tomorrow and report back. I love all of the fall and winter flavors, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, peppermint mocha, and no points! because it is brewed coffee, not coffee treats, I am not sure how they get the flavoring in there, but God love them, I am happy the scientists are on top of coffee issues.
Well I must go now, Elizabeth has suggested Christmas presents for herself and they go on sale in one minute! Have to get there fast before her size is gone!
Peace out homies!

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