Dear Friends;

On Facebook I have been noticing that some of my friends are having pre holiday depression. Well I would like to share my routine that I perform every morning, it alleviates all sorts of emotional and self loathing ailments.
I wake up, go into the bathroom turn on the light, look in the mirror and say “OMG is that me? Wow! God must love me to make me so amazingly beautiful! I can’t believe I get to spend the day with me!!” Then I turn away from the mirror, put my glasses on and go about my day. Remember when you look in the mirror God created you, God really does love you, He does not test you, he uses situations in your life to teach you lessons. What you take from those situations, how you react to them, is all up to you.
We cannot control our circumstances, what we can control is how we react to them. So, friends, look in the mirror and realize you are amazing! A new year is right around the corner, it will be amazing, it will be full adventure, fun, life.
I hope each and every one of my friends has a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great Christmas, full of laughter, family and friends. My fervent wish for everyone is that the new year brings a clarity of your life, may it be full of wonderment, adventure, love (and I am not talking romantic love), fulfillment and a sense of peace.
Much love,

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