Thursday the gateway to Friday

The page is blank, it is taunting me with its whiteness, fill me it says, if you can. Perhaps one day I will not be able to, I do not look forward to the day my head is completely without thought, or I lose the ability to convey the thoughts that bounce around in there.
I live in fear of having Alzheimer’s, my mother had it, my great aunt Linnie had it; it is a truly horrendous disease. I do not believe enough attention is given to it. The absolute heartbreak of watching someone you love go into a world where you have no place and they can’t find their way back is sad. Sad is the word to describe it, I believe sad is an overused word, to me sad is a word that should be used when it is truly sad, when your heart is just broken and it seems it cannot be put back together.
Such macabre thoughts, when I am not in that type of mood, the moon is still high in the sky and it is so beautiful, I am wearing a brand new OU jersey and it is Thursday. Thursday is the gateway to Friday; I will be getting my nails done after work, so it is all good. Tomorrow is my last day to wake up at 3:00 am; I am hoping I don’t regret my decision to go to a later shift. It means more sleep, in theory more time spent with the Irishman, and hopefully to be less tired all the time. I have been on this shift for over two years and I have to admit I am exhausted, I am tired of having to go to bed by 7pm in order to get up at 3am, and I am tired of being tired all of the time. I hope this new shift is good, it also comes with an hour lunch, I have not had an hour lunch in years, there is a ton of shopping close to me, I am hoping to get Christmas shopping done in my hour lunch time. Or maybe shopping for me, or a trip to Starbucks where I can sit inside and enjoy my lunch, take my IPad and just relax for an hour, the possibilities are endless!

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