Final United Way Update

We had the big final ending celebration to United Way yesterday at the Union Hall, I am now ready to write about the entire thing and experiences this year.
I would like to tell you about my team, Jose Morales, Brent Dozier, Gladys Evans, Madarol Thomas, Markeyus Franks, Jhanifor Griggs, Luke Culver, Stephanie Estrada, Tracy Catchings, and Adelpha Warren and Kim Azard. This was a cracker jack team; I only knew a few of them before starting this year. When Mary Linhart, our Chief Steward, told me who I would be working with, I was thrilled.
Our very first meeting I told the group our goal, $10,000.00 in two and a half months time, stretched over four buildings. Not one of them blinked an eye lid, they all said ok, and went to work.
Jose Morales was my calming influence, when I was stressed and ready to go out of my mind, he talked me down and let me know it was ok to delegate, which I did! Thank you Jose for having my back and letting me know it was ok not to do everything myself. Brent Dozier was my master meat smoker and grill master extraordinaire; he smoked brisket, turkey legs, grilled hamburgers, hotdog and hot links. I don’t think he slept the entire time; he has an amazing spirit and an attitude that should be bottled and sold. Thank you Brent for always being there and for your constant good mood, it was a balm.
This was Gladys Evans second year to do this, she is such a hard worker and also my conscience. She was there to call me on the carpet if I became crazy and bring me back down to earth if any idea was too crazy, she is a good friend and a great example of dynamite in a small package. She is quality leadership material and I look up to her in so many ways, Gladys thank you for always being at the ready and for your selfless commitment to our goal.
In our Lakeside building we had the unstoppable team of Madarol Thomas and Markeyus Franks; together they were a force to be reckoned with. They had a healthy competition between each other to see who could raise the most cash at each fundraiser that was held. It was all in good fun, and made each event a must attend happening. With the support of OM Adrian Ray, they were the building to beat, and no one did, no other building came close to our Lakeside location. When it looked like we were not going to make it, I called Adrian and said, we need your help, he said Angie I got this. And, wow, did he ever, without the support Adrian, we would never have made it.
At our Central location there was, Jhanifor Griggs at the ready, she even enlisted the help of her husband and son to make sure that there were enough hands on deck to serve the masses. And serve she did, soliciting, going door to door to business to make sure we had enough to raffle off, and later cooking and serving. What a terrific attitude, even with a full house she was always chipper and had a good attitude.
At our Roundtable location we had Luke Culver, Stephanie Estrada, Tracy Catchings, and Adelpha Warren, doing whatever it took to get things done. This building was far away from the rest and they were doing it all, working well together, delegating duties, and making sure it was all getting done. In the middle of United Way, this location had a fellow employee that was tragically lost; the group switched gears and had several fund raisers for the surviving family. They truly showed what having an amazing heart can do; it was a privilege to work with you.
Last but not least I would like to give a shout out to my friend Kim Azard; I was only able to utilize Kim when I was at our Glennville location. I would like to tell you all that my friend Kim has an amazing heart, a servants attitude and a willingness to do what it takes. She is simply fantastic, thank you Kim for not only your willingness to work with us on United Way but for your friendship.
When we had our celebrations at each location, the Lakeside folks generously allowed Juan Espinoza to come out and DJ each event. He was such a joyous addition to our team, I have to say he was just phenomenal, if I ever have an event that I need a DJ for I will be hiring him and I suggest everyone else do the same. The music he provided made each celebration so incredibly richer. Thank you Juan for being our music man!
United Way came at a time in my life when I was at a low point, I was quickly losing faith in humanity, and that people would always do the right thing. The people in this group have restored my faith, not with their words, but with their actions, their genuine desire to help people and willingness to do the hard work to ensure that we make the funds to reach our goal. I am so proud to have been a part of this team; I cannot express fully what it has meant to me. You all should be proud of your accomplishments; you have humbled me and awed me with your greatness.

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