Ladies that Lunch and Taco Bueno

Saturday we had our ladies that lunch gathering, this time we met at Wanda’s house, what a great time we had. We had amazing food, great conversation and tons of laughter and a few poignant moments thrown in for good measure. Our number was rather small this time, but that did not stop us, we carried on as if there were 50 people in the room. Next month is our Christmas party, I am so looking forward to it, I want to see all the ones missing from last time there!
Yesterday was my first day working 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, I have to say I rather enjoyed it, I did have a few wake up issues, waking up twice before my real wake up time, however when I did get out of bed at the appropriate time, I felt well rested and wide awake. Although I was not happy about the hour-long lunch (I typically prefer 30 minutes) I felt it refreshed me to get away and just walk around Target for a bit. I truly believe I am going to enjoy this time frame, it seems a pleasant change from getting up at 3:00 am. I will let you know as the time goes on if I still enjoy it.
Nothing really to report, on Sunday I got to spend time with Elizabeth Anne, always a pleasant experience. We shopped and didn’t spend too much, had our favorite Taco Bueno, we are real BuenoHeads. Other than that a quiet weekend was had, I will try to be more exciting next time.

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