Good Thoughts

Ok, I am working on day 3 of new schedule, I am telling you, even after a few days I feel rested, awake and ready to take on the world. I believe we all have an internal alarm clock, the time our body naturally wakes up, and mine is 6:00 am, so being on this new schedule is turning out to be a revelation. For so long I have focused on the getting off early, I didn’t realize what I was doing to myself. I even think getting off at 6 allows me to miss the 5:00 pm traffic. It really has not been too bad, it does take a little longer to get home, however traffic is steady and I take the back roads not the toll roads. In the long run this shift may save me money, who knew. I am even enjoying the hour long lunch, so far, it allows me to have a nice break, walk around and get rejuvenated for the second part of my shift.
I have said it before and I will say it again, I love Mary Kay, I love every aspect of this business. I love the products, which I have been using for over 22 years, how is that for brand loyalty. I love being a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, which I have been for 10 years now, I not only love getting my own products for 50% off, and I love it when my customers are happy with their products. I love when they tell me how amazing their skin feels and, yes, how great the right shade of lipstick can make them feel. I love introducing the business opportunity to other women, knowing it can make a difference in their lives.
I have often said my job at the telephone company saved my family; Mary Kay gave us the extras. My business has paid for three high school class rings, a refrigerator, helped pay for cars, and when my mom passed away; it paid the hotel rooms for me and my children. It has enabled me to have cash Christmases, bought my oldest son a computer for Christmas and my daughter a laptop for her birthday. Anything you want can be found in that beauty case, I am grateful for the opportunities that my job at the major telecommunications company has given me; I love what my Mary Kay business has given me.
So much more than material things, I have made friends that I will keep for a lifetime, I get to surround myself with women who are positive, uplifting and just old fashioned amazing.
I have gone on for a while now, it is time to shower and start my day at a job I am grateful for!

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