Another Gateway Day

Ok, so, I am totally in love with my new hairstylist, she just rocks, her name is Beatrice and if you are in the Plano area and looking for someone new, let me know. I will give you her information. She listens to what I want and makes it happen, just incredible, I am in love.
I got my hair done last night that is why I am waxing on today regarding Beatrice’s brilliance. Today is Thursday the gateway to Friday, I know you have all heard me say it before; well it bears saying again, and again and again. How bout them apples? Well I ordered a few Christmas presents before I left for work this morning, no I will not be telling for who, oh alright, 3 guesses. If you get them correct I will answer in the comments section.
I don’t think I have anything exciting to do this upcoming weekend, which will be a nice change, perhaps it is time for a well needed much earned pajama day! Now that would be exciting, watching old episodes of Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse and Firefly, now that is a Saturday in the making. Maybe popcorn is in order and diet coke; stop me now before I just pass out from the thought.
Next week is Thanksgiving, I will be writing a special, what I am grateful for entry for next week, I know you are all looking forward to that. I really have nothing today, except my hair looks amazing!

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