Friday, New Team and Elizabeth Anne

Yesterday was the first team meeting that I have attended with this new team, I have to tell you I was very pleasantly surprised. It was a great meeting, I know I was not looking forward to the team change; no one likes change, however after the meeting yesterday I am rethinking my well thoughts. First we took a personality test, which if you know me you can guess I love those! It was fun and informative to hear what everyone got on the test, where they fell in the personality ranges. My new supervisor seemed to be genuinely interested in everyone, fully engaged, and even inquired how each individual wished to be approached when she had things to discuss with them. All in all it was a great start to being on a new team, the hours are actually conducive to physical health and well being, and the team seems very well adjusted and functional. So yay!
Today is Friday, I do believe since I do not have to be at work so early I will pick up my Starbucks treat on Fridays. No, not the sugar and fat filled ones, the skinny versions will do nicely, however, and I believe we all need a treat. So treat myself I will.
My beautiful, intelligent daughter passed an exam yesterday that will help her further her career, I had no doubt she would do it. Elizabeth Anne, you are beautiful, intelligent, and funny and I am always proud to call you my daughter!

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