Things I Have Learned From Movies

All Ancient Greeks speak with a British accent.
Orlando Bloom really is a Greek god.
Mickey Rourke dies at the end of every movie.
Only women can be Vampire slayers.
If a man is sparkly and won’t have sex with you, he is not gay, he is a vampire.
Whips and fedoras are fabulous fashion accessories in the jungle.
Musketeers are always handsome and wickedly funny.
Behind every monarchy is an evil religious man wanting to take control.
Boots are for every season.
Spontaneously singing will not get you put in the insane asylum, it will win you awards.
The good guys always get the girls.
The good guys are easily identifiable by their white hats. (Thanks Joss for telling us that one)
Bad guys are easily identifiable by their black hats and sarcasm.
Cannibalism is acceptable in snowstorms.
In the end love always conquers and everyone lives happily ever after, except if they are going to film a sequel, in that case major turmoil at the end for all lovers.
Time travel is possible, if you own a Delorean or a train, or are related to H.G. Wells or a penny.
These are just a few of the things I have learned watching movies, there tons of other things but I have things to do today and since I do not own a Delorean, I have to shower now and get ready for my day. I hope you have a great day and remember, pray for snow.

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