Monday Update

Ok folks I have been entrusted with a heady responsibility, I am planning the December Ladies that Lunch outing, and since it is our Christmas gathering, well you can imagine the pressure. My dear friend Wanda had a spill and is not up to planning the event so she entrusted it to me. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I was that she asked. It will be so much fun, I admit Wanda made it easy, she gave me all the contacts and actually the place, and it looks fabulous! I do hope we have a good turnout, I am very excited about it.
This Monday was really good, cold, wet weather, Ralph Lauren skirt, boots and my black, leather Anne Klein jacket. I am in heaven, I tell you! I can only hope it gets colder.
This week is short for most, as for me I am working Thanksgiving and the day after, I always do this, I will be working 7am to 4pm, those two days. I am thankful I get to work those two days to give my family a good Christmas. I am thankful for the ability to work, I am thankful to live in a nice area of town in a nice apartment, I am thankful for all of the things my job affords me.
I will be getting my tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, I have to get the place ready for a tree, I always get a real one, this year will be no different. This year I get to add two Santa’s that belonged to Sandi to my decorations. I am so happy to have part of her with me this Christmas season.
So on that note my friends I will let you all get back to your lives. Peace out homies!

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