Here I sit mentally preparing myself to go back to work, I am having coffee, reading the funny paper and Dear Abby, yes that is how I mentally prepare myself. And yes, I said funny paper, it might be online, but that is still what I call it. I read three comic strips, I have read the same ones for years, and I love them, they are what we call gentle humor. Gentle humor is necessary to get my day started the right way, nothing jarring, no bad news, no outside world, just me, my coffee and my funny paper.
Yesterday I did absolutely nothing, it was a total pajama day, I did watch my movie Elizabeth Anne got me, Just Go With It. I love that movie, I don’t know why, I can’t explain it, but I love it. I love Jennifer Anniston, I am total team Jennifer all the way, I believe what Angelina Jolie did was wrong. She is nothing but a two bit homewrecker, I don’t care how many kids she adopts or gives birth to, one day they will realize what she did, and it is not ok. She is gross, and dirty, and disgusting. I have said it before and I will say it again, if you knowingly break up a home there will be consequences, we have yet to see Angelina’s, and we may never see them, that is between her and God.
Too deep for what is my Monday this week, I shall be light and fluffy from this point forward.
I am having my Godiva Breakfast Blend coffee that Elizabeth Anne gave me for Christmas, it was in my Christmas stocking! I love it, have I mentioned lately what an amazing daughter I have?
Her birthday is coming up on February 1st, I already know what I am getting her, she will not be surprised. Maybe I will find one thing that will surprise her. I did manage to surprise her a little on Christmas. I can’t wait to see the pictures she takes with her new camera! I know she will be taking a ton of her animals! She is the Ellie Mae Clampett of Bonham, Texas. She got that from my Grandpa, he had a way with animals as well. So glad to see something of my family heritage passed down. She gets that whole farm girl thing from them, it skipped a generation, totally. I am not a farm girl, I know she gets irritated with me when I wear the wrong shoes whenever I go visit her. But what am I supposed to wear? I don’t have country shoes, oh, country shoes, I shall have to find those!
Happy short work week people!

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