Friday Happiness

Ok, so, I have a recurring dream, I have had it for years, and I mean years, more than I can remember. It is very vivid and very detailed, it is not scary, in fact it is very much the opposite.
I have a house in Colorado, in a picturesque town, in the mountains in Colorado, the house is about 200 years old and is simply charming. The yard is filled with flowers and is colorful and soothing all at the same time. There is a wrought iron fence surrounding the yard, I have a little, white, iron table and several chairs for visitors. I have dogs and cats, not enough to be classified as the crazy pet lady, but enough where the children in the neighborhood come by to play with them. I think it is a vacation home, I love it there, I think the meaning of the dream is that I should live in the mountains in Colorado.
I know my children would come visit me, they all love Colorado as well, however, I would miss being close to them. It is a conundrum.
Today is Friday, which makes me happy, tomorrow is our monthly Ladies that Lunch, it has been a year since we started our gatherings. What a year it has been, I love our monthly luncheons, so much fun, and I admit it makes me feel closer to Sandi. I still miss her, I miss her guidance, her wisdom and her straightforwardness, I miss her friendship. I know she also welcomed Chewie, she loved dogs, and she was always fond of him. As was everyone, who was sane, who came into contact with him.
My day has started off nicely, the Irishman made my coffee, an episode of Angel was on TV and it is nice and quiet to begin my day. I know today will be good, it will be productive and I will be happy at the end of the day.
Probably not, but a girl can hope, I did get unsettling news last night, nothing I am ready to share here, perhaps later, perhaps never. I have not decided yet.

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