A New Day

Well today is Sunday and I have to do all of the errands I did not do yesterday, a very busy day indeed. A trip to Costco, a trip to Target and then laundry and vacuuming. I can put it off no longer, oh I could put off doing laundry for me, I have enough clothes that I could go about two months without doing the laundry, but the Irishman is not so fortunate. Also not that fortunate in the towel department. So work it is, for me today.
I had a good nights sleep and am ready to face whatever the day brings. Alex called me last night and he arrived safely in Mexico and informed me that he is living in a gated community. That makes me feel somewhat better.
I hope I get to see Elizabeth Anne sometime, I have some surprises for her, nothing huge, just things I saw and got her. And no, they are not related to her birthday, which is in 10 days. She has informed me she wants Siri for her birthday, so Siri she will get. She is a great daughter and I am happy I can do things like that for her.
For now I am having coffee, feeding my Cityville and Castleville addictions, along with a massive caffeine addiction. I feel no guilt for any of them!
Oh and yesterday, just for the record, I was asked who does my hair and can they have their number. Huge compliment for a woman, coming from another woman, so yay me!
Alright peeps, remember, take time to enjoy your life and go out and make it happen! Peace out homies.

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