The Cowboy Way

I think the one thing I miss the most with this whole not leaving the house thing is being able to tell stories. Stories about my people, so I made a decision, I am going to tell them here. Today I am going to tell you one about my Great-Grandpa, he was my grandpa and my dad’s dad. I was adopted by my great aunt and uncle, so it gets a little convoluted. The grandparents I talk about are my real grandparents on my birth mothers side. So here goes, a story my dad and grandpa used to tell me about their dad:

He was a cowboy, a real one, that rode the trail between Dodge City and Abilene. During one of those times the crew lost their cook, now this was a big deal, not just anyone could crank out edible meals on the trail. So the foreman decides they are going to take turns, he assigns one man and says the next in line will be the first to complain.

No one complained because no one wanted to be the cook. Well, the old boy (my grandpa and dad’s words) who was doing the cooking got tired of it and decided to create the most inedible meal he could come up with.

He dumped a ton of salt in the beans, that evening they are all sitting around the campfire trying to get this down. One man says this is sure salty, everyone looked at him, he continues, just the way I like it and adds more salt to the beans. The pretend cook was so angry his face turned red, then came dessert, he made a rhubarb pie, with no sugar. I don’t know if any of you have ever had rhubarb, but without sugar it is the most sour thing on earth. They take big bites and as my grandpa related it puckered their whole body. One of the old boys says this is perfect, everyone looks at him, he then walks over to the sugar and says this way we can each make it as sweet as we want.

The cook stomped off spittin’ mad! They hired a new cook at the next town.

I loved that story growing up, I loved that we were part Cowboy. I used to tell my kids that we were part Cowboy like it was a nationality.

That’s my story of the day, I hope everyone is have a great day in quarantine. I went to Costco and Target yesterday, that was an adventure.

People really are not exhibiting common courtesy, in Costco two people cut in line in front of me. One was an older woman, I let that one go, the other was one in roughly mid-thirties. That one I did not let go, I said hey excuse me, she turned around, I said I am literally standing here and you cut in front of me. I was observing the 6 feet rule and she just went in that space.

She then pretended not to speak English, I was flabbergasted, I would have continued but I realized if I did I was going to end up on a youtube video.

But seriously, don’t do this people, this is a really dangerous time to act like jackasses in grocery stores.

Yesterday was Good Friday, a day we take to acknowledge and give thanks that Christ gave up His life on earth so we could have everlasting life in heaven. Tomorrow we celebrate His resurrection, what a strange day it will be. No Easter dresses, no egg hunts, stripped bare of our trappings, we will have no excuses not to focus on the extreme gift God gave to us.

I miss my granddaughter, Good Friday is our day together and we do something fun. Next year we will have to make up for not being together this year.

Check on your friends that are grandparents, we are not ok.

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend, if you are in your home with loved ones, I pray you thank God profusely for that blessing.

Costco Run and Dean Cain

So yesterday I left my house, I went to Costco and then to get my hair done and then Target.

At Costco I was walking in at the same time another woman was, she and I looked at each other in horror. It was way crowded for a work day. She said I have five daughters at home, we need toilet paper. I said good luck, I said I’m here for my normal Costco run. Thank goodness I don’t need toilet paper, I did look, because Elizabeth Anne does need toilet paper. There was none, the employee I spoke with said that people were there when it opened and made a run for the paper goods. Ridiculous.

No one is admitting to hoarding the TP. I really want to know who is doing this.

No one symptom is diarrhea, so what are you people doing with all of that toilet paper? My guess is selling it for an exorbitant price, beyond ridiculous.

When I was getting my hair done, of course I was talking to my stylist, she said they told the aestheticians to go home for two weeks. Because they actually touch peoples faces, she didn’t know if they were being paid. The hair stylists were holding their breath hoping they don’t get sent home.

She agreed it was the stupidest thing ever, all of this panic, where was this panic for the avian flu? That killed way more people, or the swine flu, or ebola, which was way more deadly. I didn’t see a run on things then.

When I went to Target I noticed canned goods disappearing along with the paper goods. I did a little research and looked in the baby aisle, people are starting to take the baby wipes.

If you do not have a baby or toddler, please leave these items alone. There are parents that actually need these items.

While I was there I called my daughter-in-law that lives close to me, with my son, of course. And asked if they needed anything, she happened to be at Wal-Mart and they didn’t have any chicken, they did at Target. So I picked up chicken breasts for them, I have never seen anything like this.

All of you out there that are doing this, you are the problem. You are not getting what you need, you are hoarding, and when this blows over in a few weeks, you will have food that will go bad. So it is wasteful, and shame on you, people are now having to buy toilet paper out of the trunk of a car.

I just got my normal two week supply of food, that is all I need, that is all anyone needs.

So now, because of all of this madness, that the mass media is partially responsible for, there are real shortages. There is real price gouging, there is real need for real families. Shame on all of you doing this, especially with the goods that we all need, no one needs 5 cases of toilet paper.

On another note, Dallas Fan Expo has been postponed until June, the weekend I will be out of town for a wedding. This was not a hard choice to make, the wedding takes precedence. Yes, even over Dean Cain, there is nowhere I would rather be that weekend. Celebrating the joining of two special people and celebrating with their families.

It looks like no Dean for me in 2020, oh well, there is always 2021. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend and have enough toilet paper to last you the next two weeks at least.

Dreams and More

So season three of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel came out on Amazon Prime. I watched the whole season today, was pleasantly surprised by the Zachary Levi showing. He had one of the best lines, I am not going to tell you because the show just dropped and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.

Speaking of Zachary Levi, he was part of my weird dream Wednesday night. I dreamed I was at his ranch for an event and I forgot my workout clothes. Part of the event was a workout, so I asked if there was a workout clothes store in Austin. Yes, it was said just like that. So someone said yes, and I drove to Austin and went into the workout clothes store.

Jack Black was in there because he forgot his workout clothes as well. He recognized me from the event and asked if he could get a ride back to the ranch. He had taken an Uber into town. I said sure, not a problem, we pay for out clothes and hop in my car.

Godzilla is burning Austin, that’s right, we start driving and this giant lizard beast is burning the town. We think this is normal for Austin so we just casually chit chat back to the ranch.

We get back there and everyone is freaking out asking if we saw Godzilla. Why yes we did, but I was still not bothered by this.

That’s when I woke up, very disturbing, I told someone at work about all of my dreams and they suggested I write to Jenna Owens, she is the dream expert.

But then I was telling my bestie Shay about it so she says google it. So I did and it turns out my dreams mean I am worried about different things.

During my waking hours I have no worries but apparently I do during my sleep hours. Last night I had no dreams, thank goodness as today is my day off and I needed a good nights sleep.

I still say if I met Zachary Levi in person we would totally hit it off in the friends department. I love him, but not in a Dean kind of way. I just hope if I ever do get an invitation to an event at his ranch Godzilla doesn’t show up.

I did major Christmas shopping today online, I found out the most delightful thing. I can do same day delivery from Target! No one delivers out here like that! But Shipt does, with three different stores, Target being one.

I have never been so happy in my entire life, well I have, but still, delivery! Same day!

That freed me up to drink coffee, watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Christmas shop online and finish decorating for Christmas.

It was a great day, I’m not going to lie, I feel refreshed, I have a full day of shopping tomorrow.

Oh and who knew Ming-Na Wen showed up in the Mandalorian! Greatness.

Also, if you have Disney + I cannot say enough good things about The World According to Jeff Goldblum. His unbridled joy and enthusiasm is contagious! I have started watching an episode before going to sleep. I started this last night, probably why I didn’t have weird dreams.

Seriously, watch this show, it is so much fun and you learn some things as well.

That’s all I have for now, I am sure I will find other things to get out of my head later.

As usual, any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at

Product Reviews

I have been on a new product kick lately, so I thought I would share my thoughts on a few of them with you.
First up is Mary Kay Timewise Repair Revealing Radiance Peel. This is not one for the faint of heart, it is for anyone who wants a more radiant, youthful skin revival. I loved it, just a hint, do not use in the morning, use in the evening, I paired it with the Extra-Emollient night cream. It worked fantastically. It tingled and had a slight burn feel, not bad, not compared with other peels I’ve tried and nothing like I’ve experienced in a facialists chair. My face did peel afterward, but the Extra-Emollient night cream assisted with that.
After using it, I wanted to do a really good scrub on my face to assist in getting off the dead skin cells. I will be honest here, since Mary Kay did away with their classic skin care sets, they don’t have a really good mask. I have tried the botanical option and don’t really care for it. It’s good if you need a good mask for adding moisture, I highly suggest it for that. But for my purposes in exfoliating the skin, I wanted something a little more harsh.
Since I had a coupon, Target Cartwheel app and Ibotta, I decided to give St Ives Apricot Oil Scrub a try, with all of the above it only cost me a dollar. Not bad. I liked it, a lot, my face not only felt freshly scrubbed, being oil based it added moisture back in. Which brings me to my next item, I received a coupon to get the Gillette Fusion men’s razor for free. I’ve never used a razor made specifically for a man before. Since it was free, it was for me, I am happy to report I am completely delighted by this product. I would even pay full price for it the next time I need to replace my razor. I decided to pair the razor with the St Ives on my legs and under my arms. I know, a lot of information, but that is the places we women shave. I was blown away by the close shave I received, also, for once, no nicks on my knees. I was amazed, and delighted and so very happy with the Gillette coupled with the St Ives Apricot Oil Scrub.
Last on my list is the Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel, not used in a typical manner. I was getting a sty on my eye and was looking in the mirror thinking I really don’t want to go to the dr. The last time I had one of these was several years ago, and it was a mess. The ointment on my eye, the heat packs, the thing oozing, just grossness.
Anyway, I was looking in my mirror thinking what can I do, I looked down and saw the Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel and a lightbulb literally turned on above my head.
I put some on the sty, just a word of warning here, this is not for the unsteady hand. You do not want to get this in your eye. I covered the sty with the gel and went to bed. When I woke the next morning, the sty was completely gone. Worked like a charm.
Those are my product reviews for now, I hope you all enjoy and if you have not downloaded the Ibotta app and the Cartwheel app, well, if you love saving money, do so, quickly.

My Taste Discovery

I think by now everyone has a tiny clue as to how I feel about food. Sometimes, in life, one comes across something so perfect it makes your eyes roll into the back of your head.
You experience such sinfulness it cannot be good for you. I have come across such a creation. It is touted as a diet food; however, with that first bite you will not believe it. It is a creamy chocolate outer casing filled with liquid caramel. When one bites into it, a taste explosion happens on your tongue.
You bite into it and the first thing you notice is the creamy chocolate, then comes the surprise. The liquid caramel flows onto your tongue, covering your taste buds in a molten, golden delight. It is quite literally a party in your mouth.
These amazing things are Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates, the caramel ones, not the peanut butter. The peanut butter ones do not have the same eye rolling effect, they are ok, but not heaven sent.
Run, do not walk to the nearest store to purchase these, now, a word of warning, you will not find them everywhere. Tom Thumb does not have them, Target does, grab them, however, do not be greedy, I want to find them when I go to the store.

More Zumba News and Stuff

Yesterday was amazing, torrential rain, dark, dreary and just wonderful weather. After work was Zumba time,man oh man, that is a work out. I am loving it, I am getting better at the steps, I know when I get them down they will change them. I am loving this class, the teacher is really good and I sweat like a pig, which I know I hate to sweat, however realize a necessary evil in the battle against obesity.
I need to take the Irishman’s girls and buy them some new summer clothes, they have outgrown all shorts from last year, they might be able to wear some of the shirts, but not a lot. I did find some cute capri’s at Target and they fit both girls really well. They are in-between sizes, it is strange, they are both very different body types, however, the same size, shirts are no problem it is bottoms. Need suggestions for places to go for the two different body types I am ready to hear them!
Also want to get some cute Keds for summer wear for them, one thing I seriously have issues with are the shoes without socks. I believe it makes the shoes smelly and is not good for their feet, and Keds are so darn cute on little girls.
Exercise again today, not Zumba, those classes are on Tuesday and Thursday, they don’t have any on the schedule that we are able to participate in on any other week day. So tonight it is the stairs and treadclimber and possibly some weights. I like this not at all, I hate exercise, the Zumba doesn’t seem like exercise, that is why I love it so much. An hour of dance! Love it!
Before long I will be singing “I’m Sexy and I Know it” with abandon!

No Internet Weekend

I did it, I went 24 hours with no internet, it was hard, I am not going to lie. Especially first thing in the morning, I read the comics and Dear Abby online, that is how I start my day, however, yesterday I did not get to. I did make the Irishman bring me a newspaper, I accessed the old fashioned way. He said the hardest part was when his soccer team won and he couldn’t brag about it, and when the man at the bar hit on him. He couldn’t even text me about it, since he is the one that said no text messages. Serves him right, since he came home and then slept all day. Yes, I believe he cheated because he was “sick” so he slept all day. Avoided temptation, is what he did. Ok, so he was actually not feeling well, but still, I went to Costco and Target and couldn’t even tell anyone where I was.
I would also like to say thank you to Jess and Elizabeth Anne for bombarding me with messages I could not read. I resisted the urge to even look; I did call them and ask them what was so all fired important. Nothing, nothing was important!
I have to admit it was kind of freeing in a way, after a while, I didn’t have the urge to look, to see what everyone was doing, to see if I was missing something. I think I will unplug every once in a while just to regroup. I caught up on my TV watching, I read a book, which is something I love to do, it was nice. I did miss the Stylization on Ruelala, which was sad for me, but Elizabeth Anne sent me a text this morning saying I didn’t miss anything. What a relief!
Watched another episode of GCB, I am really loving that show, it is so spot on, everyone who lives in the Dallas/FT Worth area needs to see this show. Oh who am I kidding, all Baptists need to see this show, it doesn’t matter where you live, this show is spot on. Watch it!

Not a Sports Girl

Monday morning came exceedingly fast, I can only hope that this week will go as fast as the weekend did. I went to a new Target yesterday, on 121 and it was wonderful! I love the new Target shopping carts, the store was huge and well lit and clean and bright and shiny. I will be going back.
I guess there were football games on yesterday, there was yelling coming from the living room, so I looked at the TV and there were men in uniforms. More yelling, then it stopped, so I guess the game was over. I fully admit sports talk is, well, how do I say this, boring. I am not a sports person, my eyes glaze over at the mention of it, I hope no one at work asks me if I saw the game. I mean really, I am a GIRL, do I look like I watch sports? Um, no, I do not. It is brutal when they all start talking football, basketball and any other kind of ball. However, I like it when my son talks to me about sports, just because he is talking, I know that is crazy, but it’s true. I also have to admit the Irishman is kinda cute when he gets all excited about his soccer thing. So there ya have it, not a sports person.

A New Day

Well today is Sunday and I have to do all of the errands I did not do yesterday, a very busy day indeed. A trip to Costco, a trip to Target and then laundry and vacuuming. I can put it off no longer, oh I could put off doing laundry for me, I have enough clothes that I could go about two months without doing the laundry, but the Irishman is not so fortunate. Also not that fortunate in the towel department. So work it is, for me today.
I had a good nights sleep and am ready to face whatever the day brings. Alex called me last night and he arrived safely in Mexico and informed me that he is living in a gated community. That makes me feel somewhat better.
I hope I get to see Elizabeth Anne sometime, I have some surprises for her, nothing huge, just things I saw and got her. And no, they are not related to her birthday, which is in 10 days. She has informed me she wants Siri for her birthday, so Siri she will get. She is a great daughter and I am happy I can do things like that for her.
For now I am having coffee, feeding my Cityville and Castleville addictions, along with a massive caffeine addiction. I feel no guilt for any of them!
Oh and yesterday, just for the record, I was asked who does my hair and can they have their number. Huge compliment for a woman, coming from another woman, so yay me!
Alright peeps, remember, take time to enjoy your life and go out and make it happen! Peace out homies.

Hunger Rant

Today has been a tough day, food wise, everywhere I look I see things I want to eat. The other day, the Irishman said something I didn’t understand, and for once it was not his accent. I asked him if he liked me better now that I am 30 pounds lighter, he said he just wanted me to be healthy. Major cop out, he doesn’t want to say if he likes fat women or skinny ones. Just freakin be honest with me. I told him, I didn’t lose weight to be healthy, I lost it to look good, he said that was the wrong attitude. It is not, for me, I couldn’t give a rats behind on the health benefits of losing weight. I did it, and continue to do it, so I can look good, I am vain, shallow and I don’t care! I don’t care who knows it, I don’t care who calls me that, I take it as a compliment. I look forward to the day I have my first plastic surgery procedure. I don’t care about anyone else and the reason they lose weight or eat healthy, all I care about is me. And I want a simple answer, which do you like better.
I don’t think anyone really realizes how hard this is for me, I could live on puffy cheetos and diet coke, I have a hard time enjoying books these days because I would always read them while eating puffy cheetos. Those days are gone, it is hard to sit and read without eating. I admit that. I am completely jonesing for sugar right now, I could live on it. I can make a whole meal out of cookies and cupcakes. And the coffee treats, giving those up has been the hardest thing I have had to do in a long time. I don’t understand why this is so hard for me, every pound lost is hard work. I work hard every day not to eat things I want to. Every pound comes off grudgingly. None of this is easy and I hate it, I hate it worse than anything on earth. Well, not snakes, I hate snakes worse than not being able to eat whatever I want.
I don’t understand why some people get to eat whatever they want and never gain an ounce, they are naturally thin. Why did God choose me to make this so hard? Why did he give me the fat gene? Did I do something bad in a former life? Because this has always been a battle, I was a chubby baby, I weighed 9lbs at birth, I was a chubby kid, a chubby adolescent, in high school I lived on celery to become thin. Then I got married, pregnant, pregnant, pregnant, pregnant, the weight never left me. It is so incredibly hard and I am exhausted with the effort, today is the day I want to just break down and buy the huge jar of cheeto balls at Target and stick my head in it and eat. I want to get up, go into the kitchen and make those sinfully good cookies. The kind that is made out of pure sugar, the kind that when you put them in your mouth the sugar just melts. Amazing goodness, that I cannot have, or I will gain weight in an instance. Three days of eating, three days, I gained six pounds, I lost 5 the first week back on Weight Watchers and the other went the week after. I hope you now see, that if I eat like a so called normal person, the weight flies onto me. There is no stopping it, I do believe it waits in dark corners, just biding it’s time until it can jump back on my waist.
I know I have a lot more to lose, I am no where near being classified as thin, I have such a long way to go, I understand why people just give up. If you have never battled weight, you will not understand my exhaustion.
It is a choice I make, it is a choice I will continue to make, I do not want to be in a double digit size. That is me, all me, I do this for me, however, getting an honest answer would be great once in a while.
Do you like the way I look now, or do you want me to be fat again? Is that a hard question to answer. I don’t want a crappy answer like oh I love you at any size. Seriously?
I know I am old, I know I don’t look like I did at 19, that makes me sad, I honestly did not appreciate my looks while I had them. If I could get that body and face back I would do it in a heartbeat.

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