Not a Sports Girl

Monday morning came exceedingly fast, I can only hope that this week will go as fast as the weekend did. I went to a new Target yesterday, on 121 and it was wonderful! I love the new Target shopping carts, the store was huge and well lit and clean and bright and shiny. I will be going back.
I guess there were football games on yesterday, there was yelling coming from the living room, so I looked at the TV and there were men in uniforms. More yelling, then it stopped, so I guess the game was over. I fully admit sports talk is, well, how do I say this, boring. I am not a sports person, my eyes glaze over at the mention of it, I hope no one at work asks me if I saw the game. I mean really, I am a GIRL, do I look like I watch sports? Um, no, I do not. It is brutal when they all start talking football, basketball and any other kind of ball. However, I like it when my son talks to me about sports, just because he is talking, I know that is crazy, but it’s true. I also have to admit the Irishman is kinda cute when he gets all excited about his soccer thing. So there ya have it, not a sports person.

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