Fatty McButter Pants

So it turns out Chewie was the drinker in the family, Nocona does not drink nearly so much water, and she doesn’t demand I give her fresh water every time I walk in the kitchen. There are times I do it out of habit, man I miss my friend. He was also the eater, I think Nocona ate to keep him from eating her food, maybe now she will stop being fatty mcbutter pants. Yes that is what I call her, I got that from King of Queens, and it amuses me to say it to her.
It is still raining, so I am still happy, I love the rain, I just wish it would turn into snow, that would make me very happy.
Elizabeth Anne’s birthday is fast approaching, as the day looms closer, I am filled with memories of the day she was born. That year I got two birthday presents, an ice storm and Elizabeth. More of that story on her actual birthday.
Today is Thursday, the gateway to Friday, I have said it before and I will say it again and again and again, mainly because I am getting older and that is what old people do, repeat themselves. I plan on being the best old person I can be, repeating my self and saying things like, in my day and give an improbably story. I look forward to it. I hope everyone has a great day, I know with the rain I will!

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