Welcome Back Old Friend!

Well, well, well, it is here at last, Friday, so good to see you old friend, I hate the days we are parted, seems like forever since we were together. I cherish our magical 24 hours of amazement that comes around each and every week.
So, I finally brought my new calendar to work, the Irishman bought me a Blue Heeler one, so it is a Nocona calendar. She is a pinup girl! I have to say I am really glad it is not a Chewie calendar this year; I don’t think I could handle looking at Chewie dogs every day right now. Maybe next year.
Elizabeth Anne’s birthday is Wednesday; perhaps she will want to come see me tomorrow and go get her birthday present a few days early. Jeffrey received his early, no reason why she should not as well, come see me tomorrow Elizabeth Anne, let’s go get Siri for you! Plus, I have some other surprises for you; I know you will want them. Oh, fair warning; expect a tear jerker on Wednesday in honor of my amazing daughter.
I am thinking Starbucks is in order today, after all it is Friday and I must celebrate my old friend with a hot passion tea and perhaps the chicken hummus or chipotle chicken wraps, I don’t know yet. Oh and every one go see One for the Money! I cannot wait to see that movie, I really hope it lives up to the book, I love, love, love the book!
Happy Friday everyone, go out and make it happen!

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