An Only Child

So, Stormie thinks she is an only child, or at least she behaves that way, apparently sharing is not coded into her DNA. Russ has come to visit, as he does every Thanksgiving, when Jeffrey is out of town. At first Russ ran around whining, the Irishman said he was looking for Nocona. Nocona was his buddy and I know he must be confused.
Once he settled down, he decided to get to know Stormie, they have been playing, Stormie seems happy, however, I noticed this morning she gathered all of her bones and was lying with them in front of her, with her front paws around them. She was letting Russ know she will not share her bones.
It was so funny, she is truly an only child and not built for sharing, she also slept with us last night, the first time she has done that, I think she was establishing her rank.
Dogs are funny to watch, they have human qualities, Stormie definitely shows signs of humor, loyalty, wanting to please, stubbornness and a loving heart.
We are moving Saturday, so everyone pray it goes smoothly, I am already stressed, I will be working 5 days this week, no Friday off for me this week, then moving on Saturday, coming back to the apartment to clean on Sunday.
I hope you all have a great week, a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember if you do go shopping on Black Friday, be kind to the workers. They have given up their time with their families to make your life a little easier.

Great News

I have not written in a while, I admit, since Nocona went home I have been having a hard time. I really miss her, I think I am getting better, today, for the first time since she passed I had scrambled eggs. Yes, I shared them with Stormie, it evoked bittersweet memories, but it was good.
I have amazing news, The Irishman and I are moving to McKinney! for the first time since 1987 I will not be a Planoite, so strange to think that. Plano has been the place where I raised my children, made friends that will last me a lifetime and where I have seen my greatest heartaches.
The move will be great, it will put me closer to Jeffrey, Elizabeth, Alex and Tessa, which makes me incredibly joyous. It will be about the same distance to work as we live in far west Plano now.
The house itself is total greatness, a huge living room that one can roller skate in (wood floors) a nice size kitchen and a two car garage. It is all very exciting and I feel overwhelmed with the amount of work that has to be done in order to make this happen in a short amount of time. But we will get it done and by this time next week we will be firmly ensconced in our new home. Just in time to decorate for Christmas, I cannot wait to put the tree up and light the lights.
This will not be a long post as I have a ton of things to do today. I did take time off yesterday to go buy a new refrigerator and watch Day of the Doctor. I am a huge Dr Who fan, just in case you didn’t know. I have been watching since I was 12, I love it, the stories, the thought of a Time Lord, going from not only planet to planet but through time. The thought is thrilling indeed, meeting different races on different planets. I am one of those people who believe there is only one race here, the human race. We are different colors, different ideologies, different ethnicities, but we are all human. Made by God, and yes, I believe Adam and Eve started us all off. So there you have it in a nutshell.
I hope you all have a great day, remember, we are never alone, we always have the Great Comforter through it all.


Last night I had a dream that Nocona and I were in the country visiting a friend, I was carrying her and I had to put her down to open the door. She ran off and I couldn’t find her, needless to say I woke up in tears. I don’t know what she was trying to tell me, it’s time to really say goodbye and let her go to enjoy her country life or what. I just know that I miss her greatly.
On a happier note, today is my Friday and the Irishman scored tickets to the midnight showing of Thor. Assigned seating! I am so excited, 3D, XD and any other kind of special D you can think of. I cannot wait to see one of my childhood superheroes alive on the screen again.
Stormie is doing well, adjusting to her new, pampered life, she is full of energy and fun. She loves to play hide and seek with my slippers and the Irishman’s socks.
Today will be a Starbucks day, it is Friday and I have much to celebrate, God is watching out for me, stopping me from doing detrimental things and giving great joy to this thing we call life

Stormie News and Other Stuff

Well here we are, Tuesday again, Wednesday for me, very happy about that. This Friday is a Tess day, incredibly happy about that. I have something very fun planned, I hope she likes it.
I am thinking about bringing back does that make my dog crazy as Stormie is crazy, I mean seriously crazy. Well not all the time, just sometimes.
Our favorite game to play with her is to ignore her until she swats us with her paw, it is the funniest thing, she will stand there waiting for us to love on her. If you just sit there she will take her paw and swat you with it, letting you know she wants some loving.
She is this big, lovable furball, she loves to give kisses and loves her belly rubs and has learned to jump on the bed. Finally, it makes me less sad to have her sleep with us, I know that makes me crazy, but I still miss Nocona so much and she used to sleep with us.
Well, another day, another dollar, off to work I go, to make the money to buy Stormie chew toys so she will stop chewing on the office chair, oh and my shoes.
I foresee me having to go shoe shopping to replace a pair or two, look how sad I am at the prospect of shoe shopping.

Another Monday

The weekend is over and I survived the weekend without Nocona, it was hard, it’s hard coming into my home, I sit in the car not wanting to come in because she is not here to greet me. It is hard going to bed because she is not at the end of it or right next to me. It is hard waking up because she is not there to wake up with me, eat eggs with me and have coffee with me. I just miss her so much.
Stormie won’t sleep with me, I tried putting her on the bed, I had to wrestle with her to pick her up and then she just looked at me like I was crazy and jumped off the bed. Oh well, maybe tonight.
I do really like waking up at a normal hour, 7am is so much better than 4am, coffee, funnies, Dear Abby and a few Bejeweled Blitz and I am good. This week is going to be easier, I know it, maybe I’ll go back to store on Thursday night, see if I can get hit on again. Maybe not, unless I actually have to go.
Having Tess here Friday and Saturday was good, she is a breath of fresh air, so full of energy and life, I love having that little girl with me. She is bright, funny, smart and so very pretty, she is a true credit to both of her parents.
Well, that’s all I have for now, I hope you all have a great Monday.


October is an incredibly hard month for me, Michael died this month, my friend Sandi has been gone three years today and now Nocona has left us in the month of October. I am beginning to hate October, my heart is in about a million pieces right now.
I did get to pick up Tess from school Friday, so happy to be able to do that again, she was able to spend the night and we had fun on Saturday. We have discovered a new place to go, thanks to a friend at work.
It is called Kid Mania and it was so much fun we went twice, she loved it, a very physical place where a kid can get out energy and get a ton of physical activity in. I highly recommend this place for everyone.
Yesterday I posted a blurb on how I felt about myself, my looks in particular, I stand by it, it is how I feel about myself, it is how I have always felt about my looks. Melissa, your comments will not be posted and please know the drama you tried to stir up did not work. I spoke to the one you mentioned and she took umbrage with your words, she is trying now to find you to tell you that.
This won’t be long, I am going to run to Costco and the grocery before settling in for a night of television, it is The Walking Dead, Once and Revenge tonight. Very excited for the new season, I love when the new seasons start, it always reminds me of the beginning of school. I don’t think one ever outgrows fall, new shows, new weather and new teachers.
Oh, one more thing, I have a friend who is hysterical in his pain, he has a gift with words, I am trying to convince him to start a blog. Once I am successful with that endeavor I will be mentioning him often and create a link to his blog from here.

Saying Goodbye

The day I have been dreading, that we have all been dreading, happened yesterday, Nocona went home. The Irishman found her when he got home, he said he thought she was sleeping. She had climbed into a little chair we have and simply went to sleep.
Alex came and said goodbye to his friend and then we took her to Elizabeth’s farm and laid her to rest. She loved the farm so much, it is where she got the chance to do what she was born to do. Round up cattle. Jeff and Elizabeth dug the grave and the four of us said our goodbyes.
I still remember the day she came into our lives, you see I had promised the kids when we got back into a house with a yard we could have a dog. We had two cats, Mickey and Arthur and I seriously thought they would forget about the dog promise. Chewie would come to visit occasionally, I foolishly thought that was enough.
Elizabeth called me one Sunday and said Mom, remember that dog promise, I said vaguely. She said well we found a dog at the lake house and we are bringing her home. I said um what.
Well they brought in the dog, that they had aptly named Nocona, after the place the found her and soon she found her way into everyones heart. She was funny, sweet, loving, territorial, crazy and well, a complete Barsi.
She was the family dog, going with the kids to Jeff’s house on the weekends they were there, when my mom passed away, Nocona stayed with Jeff.
it is fitting he was there to say goodbye to our friend, our companion, family member, you name it she was it.
When I started dating the Irishman and introduced him to her, he fell in love with her as well, it’s hard not to.
She has stayed with all of us, with Jeffrey when I would go out of town if Elizabeth wasn’t able to keep her, with Jeff, Elizabeth and Alex.
The only time she has been parted from us was the 9 hours she was in the vets office without one of us. I know she was scared, wondering if her family had left her. I know in my heart that when I came back for her that was when her stress was relieved.
She lived longer than the vet said she would, yesterday morning she gave no indication she would be leaving. She followed me around, took her medications, ate, drank and went outside.
Now she has no more pain, and as my friend Jan said, Michael is getting his opportunity to be with the Barsi family pet. I know Nocona will take good care of him for me.

Weekend Update

Last weekend was filled with anxiety, worrying about Nocona, I have to tell you, I hardly slept at all. I kept checking her breathing to make sure she was still alive. What a change a week makes, Nocona is very alert, she is eating, drinking, walking somewhat effortlessly and she is back to being feisty.
What a difference 7 days makes, in 6 days the Lord made the earth, in 7 I have a dog that is no longer on the brink of death. I believe in prayer, and I believe all the people who prayed for Nocona made a difference. I am so grateful she is mending beautifully, so grateful I am not one of those people who blindly follow whatever a doctor says.
I saw how wrong doctors could be, first with my grandmother, when she broke her hip, the doctor said she would never walk again, well, she did. Then when Jeffrey was born we were told he would always have breathing problems and never be able to run and play like the other kids. Well he didn’t and he did, he did not have breathing problems and he was able to run and play with the other kids. He also played sports, something the doctor said he would never do, I don’t buy into doctors knowing everything. I don’t believe in fatalistic diagnosis, I believe in the power of prayer and positive thinking.
Sometimes I don’t think doctors take into consideration the human element of their patients, the ability to think positive, to allow God to do His will. There are some things that happen in this world that are inexplicable, some things we should not try to explain. This is one, I’ll take it, I’ll take Nocona getting better, eating, drinking, being feisty, she is well-loved and knows it.
Tomorrow starts my new shift, I will be working 4 days in a row, what on earth will I do! This has not happened in a while, the hours are really new to me, 10 am to 9pm, I have never worked that late in the evening before. I hope I stay awake. I am not even joking about that one, anyone who knows me, knows that I am used to going to sleep by 8pm. This is a whole new adventure, I must say I am looking forward to not waking up at 4AM. That is going to be a treat, I am also way excited to be able to get Tess on Friday after school Jeffrey’s weekends again.
Well, not a lot more new here, status quo as it were, it is a full evening of television viewing for me, first up, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, followed by the Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time and ending with Revenge, sleep, and awake in the morning at an hour that does not make most people flinch.

Monday, Funday

I am so excited, this is my last week on this schedule, I will be Monday through Thursday beginning next week, which means I can get Tess every other Friday! I have missed our outings more than I can say, must plan something special for this upcoming one. I hope this Monday finds everyone is good spirits, sound minds, sound body’s and looking forward to your day.
Nocona continues her road to improvement I am happy to report, she is eating, drinking and last night turned in a circle three times before lying down. Huge improvement, she is clear eyed and alert, she is still having issues walking, but she is trying.
I have a confession, I love reading my horoscope, not because I believe in that hokum, but because it amuses me. I am always on the verge of financial success, ruin or independence, I am always on the verge of meeting an extremely attractive stranger, or breaking up, or I should hide under the covers. That one I like..
My mom used to read her horoscope, she used to call them the horriblescopes, and she would read it at the end of the day. I asked her why she did that, her answer was so my mom, she said she wanted to see what she had missed.
She would read it, sit for a minute, and say, well I didn’t miss much, put the paper down and walk off whistling a happy tune. Some days I miss her more than others, but I relish the happy memories. October is a hard month, it is the month I lost Michael and the month I lost Sandi. However, I think of them and think of all of the good times, the laughter, the lessons I learned from each and it makes my heart lighter.
What really makes my heart lighter is the knowledge I will see everyone again someday, when it is my turn to go home, I know that wont be anytime soon. My people live a long time, I have a good 75 years left, but for them it will be nothing but the blink of an eye.
I am going to sign off now, off to work I go, must earn money to buy new shoes, Stormie is determined to eat mine.

Nocona Update

I have an update on Nocona, this morning she is clear eyed and trying to stand, best news is she “did her business”, which she had not done since Tuesday. She has been on stool softeners all week, it finally paid off, thankfully so, because the Vet said that was her big worry at this point.
She was able to walk a little outside and do her business, so things are looking up. When I picked her up Friday she was worse off than when I dropped her off. She was lethargic, and not moving at all, the vet said she probably would not last the night. Well she did, Elizabeth and I decided to take her off of her pain meds for the whole day of Saturday, because she was drugged up, you could see it in her eyes. By yesterday evening she was doing better, eating and drinking.
Today she has eaten a whole can of dog food and my tuna, she has also been drinking, then she sleeps. Which is kinda normal for her, and the Irishman, I feed him, he sleeps.
I am very happy, I am praying this is the first steps on the way to recovery, I know it won’t be all the way, she is after all 12, but I do hope this means we have many years left with her.

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