Celebrations and Laundry

Well, good morning and happy Saturday everyone! This morning, I have already had, and am still having my coffee, I have read the comics I read, and I have read Dear Abby. Also, have started laundry, very productive for a Saturday morning. Waiting to hear from Elizabeth Anne to see if she is coming to visit me so I can spend money on her.
Tomorrow I am having brunch with Wanda and Louise, we are meeting to discuss a very important issue. I can tell you all this now because it is no longer a surprise. Sandi’s mom, Al, is fast approaching her 80th birthday. We feel this needs to be acknowledged and celebrated, we were going to have a surprise party, but someone pointed out that perhaps she had friends that we did not know that she would love to have included in the celebration. Surprise party aborted, let Al in on it and there were friends that she wanted included, these friends were delighted to be included as they were wanting to do something and didn’t quite know how to go about it. So there we have it, a celebration of our dear Sandi’s mother, the woman we call the mother of our Mary Kay unit, and an amazingly wonderful woman.
We do have some surprises up our sleeve, we did not have to divulge everything, I am in charge of a few things, very excited about that. Cannot wait to meet and exchange ideas and come up with a solid game plan. Al and I are two days apart with our birthdays, I have always said that is why I love her so, we are birthday sisters, but there are so many reasons. I think I have said before that she is from New York, she exudes the best of New York, she is classy, graceful, fashionable and gracious. In our meetings, Al was the one that welcomed everyone and made us all feel at home, with a hug and a heartfelt how are you. You know when she asks, she wants the real answer, not the I’m fine. She retired from AT&T in New York, she was a supervisor, I bet she was one of the best supervisors they had. Like I said I cannot wait to celebrate her 80th birthday!
Tomorrow, the Irishman and I are going to see One for the Money, I am so freakin excited about this! I love those books, I have even met the author, Janet Evanovich, I cannot wait to see if they have done the book justice!

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