Surgery News and Other Stuff

Well, it’s Friday folks, I am about to head out to Jeffrey’s to take care of him and Tessa! So excited to be able to help. After all that is the part of mothering one misses the most when they grow up. You lose that feeling of helpfulness, well, today, I get to have that feeling again. I wish it were not due to Jeffrey having surgery though, oh well, what is one to do.
The doctor said that the surgery was a great success and he should have a lot less pain, he was able to take all of the bulge off. I am very happy.
The best part of yesterday was that two nurses thought I was not old enough to be Jeffrey’s mother. Wow, the birthday month presents just keep coming! What a great way for God to make up for the no snow debacle. So happy now!
Ok, must go get dressed and load up the car, am taking the griddle (thank you Gladys and Don for that, still love it!) and other things to take to Jeffrey’s.
See you all in the funny paper!

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