Busy Weekend

This weekend has been very busy and full, it started on Friday, packed up the griddle, bacon and off to Jeffreys. Tessa was waiting for her Gigi to arrive, and arrive I did, carrying all kinds of goodies with me. First it was pancakes and bacon, for which Jeffrey did come to the table for. He seems to be doing very well with the surgery, he said he is in pain, but it is surgery pain, so hopefully that means that the back pain is lessened.
Tess and I painted and played, then it was time to pick up the Irishman’s girls from school. Off we went, with a quick detour to Target, where Tessa decided that she needed a new dress for a fashion show. So, I got her a new pink fluffy creation, and new dresses for Lauren and Carolion so they could all be fancy.
We went to pick them up, and Tessa was so excited, she loves those girls so much. They played and played, then I took them back to my place so they could have a slumber party.
The next day was back to Jeffreys with all three girls in tow, Elizabeth Anne joined us, where she proceeded to clean her brother’s house. At least the downstairs, Jeffrey will not be able to vacuum for a few weeks, or bend or twist. It was very nice of Elizabeth to do that for him. He now has a clean kitchen and living room.
More shopping at Target, however it was pouring rain, so I didn’t get to go to all the places I wanted to. I didn’t want to keep the girls out in it, the Irishman’s girls are sickly. One was already coughing and sneezing, so, no rain shopping for them.
I am thinking of getting rid of the acrylic overlays on my nails, I find that I hate going in every two to three weeks and put it off and put it off until they are about to grow all the way out anyway. I mean I like having them, they are pretty and make my nails look nice, I have really weird nails, two of them curve in and this straightens them out, so I don’t know what to do. I guess I’ll figure it out.
Today is definitely shopping day, I need to go to Costco, and I need to have some alone time, and I need to go back and check on Jeffrey. I think that will be first, I also need to drop off Tessas car seat.
Another busy day, I better get started, off to the shower I go, then let the fun begin. Will let you all know what I decide on the nails. Very conflicted.

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