Let the Good Times Roll

My son is doing well, which is good, heard from Alex, he is about ready to come home, which makes me one happy mom. I got to see Elizabeth this past weekend and spend time with Jeffrey and Tessa, that makes me incredibly happy.
Ok, so, here is my new problem, I bought the girls fancy dresses, I got them new socks, and Carolion got new shoes, Lauren did not. Not because we didn’t look, because it was pouring rain and the first place we had, well all the dress shoes were too wide for her feet. I need suggestions for places to look for youth size shoes that are not wide, she has a narrow foot. I want to get her some nice dress shoes, to go with her new dress and fancy socks. So any help would be appreciated.
The dress is navy, so a lighter color shoe is what I am thinking, ecru, maybe, I don’t know.
So now that everyone has survived Mardi Gras, how are you doing the day after? What are you giving up? I need to know these things.
I am in a quandary, Nocona is lonely, she is getting into the trash more than when Chewie was with us. She is really not good with other dogs at first, one has to be there to facilitate the meeting and getting to know you phase. I took her to Jeffrey’s on Friday so she could play with Russ (Jeffrey’s dog) and play they did. When I told her it was time to leave, she really didn’t want to go. It may be time for her to go to the farm for a visit, not forever mind you, just for a visit. I would miss her terribly if she were to go live there, I still miss Arthur and Mickey.
Here is my quandary, I don’t want another dog, I could not go through that again, and I didn’t have Chewie that long. I don’t know what I am going to do when Nocona goes, I cannot even begin to imagine.
So, I guess it is not a quandary after all, take Nocona for visits with other pups to satisfy her need for play. Play with her myself, and let her know I love her.

3 Replies to “Let the Good Times Roll”

  1. I suggest zappos.com for girls’ shoes. You can search specifically for her size in narrow width. And FYI, light silver looks to be the matches-everything color for girls this spring and summer.


  2. @Amy, thank you! I will try there and love the silver suggestion! @Stacy so cool you got a dog, and a real one at that, not a tiny yappy one! Love it! I love dogs you can hug!


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