Mistakes, Freedom and Life

Confession time, on Sunday, early Sunday, I was trying to do something on the IPhone Facebook App and hit the wrong thing. I unfriended the Irishman, so I quickly added him back. Of course he had to accept the friend request, so when he woke up he had the notice I had friended him. He looked up and said you sent me a friend request, and I had to sheepishly explain I cannot work my phone when not fully awake. He laughed added me back and accepted the request to post he was indeed my fiance. Well of course this is all playing out in public, so all of his friends notice he is magically engaged, again, apparently though they didn’t know the first time around. So he is getting tons of congratulations, while my friends apparently have a little more common sense, only a couple of them hit the like button. None comment. So he goes on to explain what happened, really embarrassed at this point, me not him, he didn’t hit any buttons. So, no drama, just me, being, well me. Mystery solved.
I have been thinking of Buffy lately, really the last episode, where she defeats the Hell Mouth once and for all (at least the one in Sunnydale, we know there is another in Ohio) and she is free to leave the town that held her captive. She can do anything, go anywhere, the look on her face as the camera fades to black is one one of the best endings to a series to date. It is the look of possibilites, so I began to think, if my Hell Mouth were defeated, and I could metaphorically leave, and do anything, go anywhere, what would I do and where would I go. I think I would start with the mountains, I would spend one winter in the mountains of Colorado, holed up in a cabin, reading, writing, playing in the snow and drinking my weight in hot cocoa. Then head for the beach for some much needed sun, I love Florida, both coasts, so I might start there, then move on to somewhere more exotic. And then maybe go save the world, that is what I would do, what would you do?
Lastly, certainly not least, my friend in Owasso Tobra lost her dear friend yesterday, she went home, I know my friend would appreciate any and all prayers. I know how she is feeling, as I still feel the loss of my friend.

One Reply to “Mistakes, Freedom and Life”

  1. When I saw that John mentioned you had mistakenly unfriendly him, I thought “Angie being Angie!”

    I will probably head for the mountains when my Hellmouth is defeated, provided I can find a job there!


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