Starbucks Review, Parker and Custer

I have given my scathing review of the Starbucks at Alma and Parker in Plano, TX, now I shall give my glowing review of the one at Custer and Parker. This is by far my favorite Starbucks, they never get my order wrong and they are always friendly.
This particular Starbucks has started doing something unusual, they have a girl outside taking the orders in the drive thru. She is courteous, friendly and funny. She now recognizes me and tells the people inside to get my order right because I am one of her favorite customers. I don’t know if she says this about everyone, but it makes me feel good about my purchase.
When I pull up to the window I am again treated to professionalism and good humor, not overtly so, to turn one off, but just enough to feel as if you are at a neighborhood coffee shop and not a chain.
I frequent this Starbucks and will continue to do so as over the years they have proven themselves, and have very little turnover. If employees are loyal that tells me that the management in this establishment are doing something right and I will continue my patronage to this location.
If you are in the area I would ask that you drop in and give them your business, remember the Starbucks at Custer and Parker in Plano, TX, not just a chain, but a friendly reminder of what good management can inspire in employees.

[cetsEmbedGmap src=,-96.731969&spn=0.003314,0.004587&t=m&z=18&iwloc=lyrftr:m,17642180991858654107,33.040494,-96.732693 width=640 height=240 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=1 scrolling=no]

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