Shopping, Lunch and Ladies

Well, tomorrow is the day, I start my new shift, I know you all are tired of hearing about it, but I am way excited. Yesterday was a fun day, I had lunch with my ladies that lunch crew, a good crowd showed up and we had the best time, good food, good company and a ton of laughter. Next I took the Irishman’s girls shopping, they were in desperate need of new shorts and tops. So, I had made a decision recently to support JC Penney in it’s effort to revamp itself. So, off to JC Penney we go, I am so happy I made this decision, 7 tops and 4 pairs of shorts for under $70.00. The girls are now wearing the same size in clothing so I told them the majority of the clothes they have to share but they will still have their own special outfits.
Next it was Target then home, they were very tired as they did not get to bed until after 11 the night before due to their dance recital and up early for Carolion for her Saturday school. By 9pm they were almost falling asleep in the living room, so off to bed for them and me. I was exhausted as well, so a good nights sleep was had by all.
This morning was pancakes, normal color, with red sprinkles, add some coffee (for me) and bacon and it was a pretty darn good morning.
I will let you all know in the coming days how much I love my schedule, I hope you all have a great day and a great start to your weeks!

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