Well, it was a rough wake up, I can say that, however I did have the foresight to have my coffeemaker programmed and already brewing when the alarm went off. Coffee is the elixir of the gods, what a gift it is to us mere humans.
Yesterday was spent taking Carolion and Lauren to the movies, I took them to see Journey 2, the Mysterious Island, at the dollar movie, which is now $2.00. Still fun, I did find that .50 cent Tuesday has now turned into .75 cent Tuesday. Still a great deal.
I cannot believe this is my Monday and also my psuedo Thursday, what an amazing thought, I am one blessed woman. The Irishman had a couple of setbacks this weekend, but by last evening he was looking better. Hopefully this road to recovery will continue in its progress.
I did watch the season premier of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, man, that Joey Gorga is just heartbreaking to watch. You can tell he cares a great deal about his sister, Theresa, and yet she is in such denial about her financial issues, her personal issues, everything. Theresa did at one point try to talk to her husband about the tabloid reports of him cheating, in the guise of their daughter having seen the headlines in the grocery store. His response, it is what it is Tre, I was like, what, that is not a denial, no, well you know I am not cheating, no let me talk to her and comfort her and let her know her dad is not a lying scumbag and cheater. Not a ringing endorsement of his fidelity, however, if it works for them, who is to say anything negative about them. Still love Caroline Manzo, that woman just doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone, Jacqueline is still breaking my heart with her issues with Ashley, her daughter, so sad, Jacqueline does not deserve that turmoil. She is a good mom and Ashley is spoiled beyond belief and thinks everything should be given to her and she should not have to work for anything.
Melissa and Joey are still cracking me up, he is so funny and so is she, she just makes up words, it is so funny to watch.
Well that is all for now, must go and get dressed for the day, just because I go in early does not mean I get a pass in the fashion department. Must look fabulous!

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