Happy Psuedo Friday!

Well I did it, I survived my first 10 hour day, with overtime, all is well! Today is Zumba as well as Friday I am so excited,
Tomorrow will be spent going to Bonham, going to see Jeffrey, the air is not working in my car, and it is intermittent! Ugh, the problems of being a customer with an intermittent issue, I can only hope it is acting up tomorrow.
I wanted to get my hair done, I am really wanting a change in color, something lighter for summer months. Not blond, but some highlights, maybe lowlights, I don’t know, I need a decision maker in my life for hair issues. Any volunteers? And please only serious suggestions!
I like the quiet of early morning risings, the house is still, the coffee is on, the internet is working perfectly, what more could anyone ask for. Nothing I believe, not a darn thing. Oh wait, maybe a butler names Jeeves to bring me said coffee, silently, always knowing when I need a refill. Oh a robot butler, that would be even better, I love it, someone invent that for me.
Well, since today is Friday, I do believe I deserve a Starbucks treat, so the Starbucks at Custer and Parker is it for me. I think I have told you all before this is my favorite Starbucks, even early morning the workers are friendly and professional and speedy. Love them, huge shout out to my favorite Starbucks! Everyone in Plano go in and tell them you saw them on angieworld.
Speaking of Starbucks, if you are a Costco member you can use your $5.00 off a bag of Starbucks coffee beans through May 12th I believe. That makes it very affordable, I have already gotten mine, these coupons for the Starbucks coffee do not come around very often! Take advantage folks. That will be all for the advertisements today, it is off to get dressed for the day for this woman. I do believe it is a Lucky jeans day paired with a BCBG top and Madden Girl cork wedges. I hope everyone has a fabulous day, I know I intend to!

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