Sunday Ruminations

I am one of those people that when others complain about their lives I simply say change it. If you don’t like how your life is going then change it, I find that so easy to say. Not so easy to do it, I do not like how my life is going, yet seem incapable of changing it. It is a conundrum. It would be so easy to just wriggle my nose and life would be different, oh wait, I am not Samantha. Is anyone out there wanting to make a change, yet seem incapable of doing so?
Why is it so hard? That is the big question, perhaps because people are afraid of change, we, as humans typically don’t change until it is thrust upon us. Then it is painful change, I have to wonder, if we initiate the changes in our lives, would it be easier. I don’t know, honestly, all the changes in my life have not been of my doing. Well, ok, I take that back, all the job changes I have done within the major telecommunications corporation I work for have all been my choice. I was never forced to change jobs except for once, and that one was painful. The changes that I initiated were not painful, in fact were delightful changes that I relished. Wow, that is quite a realization, change when initiated by self not painful, change initiated by someone else, painful. Something for all of us to think about on this beautiful cloudy day. Much like Eddie Rabbit I love a rainy day/night, I hope it does rain, I want it to rain. Hard. I have a new book, I can’t seem to get into it, it is about Lucretia Borgia, I love reading about the Borgia’s, almost as much as I love reading about the Medici’s.
So, I am off to begin my Sunday, the start of my total Geek week, I hope you all have a terrific day!

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