The Start of Geek Week

Well it is the start of Geek Week for me, Thursday is the day I see all of the Avenger movies leading up to the midnight showing of The Avengers. I am so beyond excited!
So, the Irishman is still sick, he is better on the medication, as soon as it is gone; the symptoms come back in full force. It is crazy; I hope they can figure out what is wrong with him.
Nothing very eventful over the weekend, I did notice someone is reading every single thing I have ever written here. I wonder who you are, the only comments I have gotten from someone I don’t know was a crazy person defending a child abuser. She has been blocked from commenting, so if it is said crazy person, I will never know. If you are not the crazy person, please feel free to let me know who you are.
So two episodes in and RHONJ is rockin it! Man oh man, Teresa is alienating everyone, her husband Juicy Joe is starting physical fights and Melissa and Joey are quickly becoming my favorite couple. The emotional reaction that he had when she played her new song for him, which she wrote for him, was just nothing short of amazing. Every woman wants someone that feels that way about her, hands down best scene of the night. I love that Bravo didn’t back down about the accusations that Joe is cheating on Teresa, her fans that went to her book signings all tell her they are praying for her. Women can forgive an inordinate amount of wrong doing; hopefully they can pull things together. They have four daughters together, reason enough to work on things and get their acts together.
Poor Lauren, battling her weight issues, I understand how she feels, the battle is a hard one, especially if you have a family that eats big. They are Italian and Italians have all that great food and she was right when she said that summer is one of the worst times to begin a new eating regimen. I saw from a Facebook post from her mom, Caroline, that the diet did indeed work. Lauren looks fantastic; I hope we get to see some of the struggle. I believe it would help young women who battle this issue to know they are not alone and even the wealthy are not immune to the emotional turmoil that comes with battling ones weight.
Jacqueline, wow, so heartbreaking to watch her do the tough love with Ashley, and how really ditzy does one have to be to miss their flight while looking for a Dunkin Donuts? Really Ashley? The next day Christopher, Jacqueline’s husband took Ashley and made sure she got on the flight to her aunt and uncles home. They are sending her there in the hopes that it will help her grow up; being at home is sometimes not an option when the child becomes belligerent, lazy and rudderless. I understand the move did Ashley good and she found her direction in life. We are seeing the struggle that led to that growth.
Well, that’s all I got, I hope everyone has a great Geek Week! Let’s make this a great week for Joss Whedon!

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