My Geeky Adventure Begins

Well today is the day, I am having a totally geeky day, going to watch all of the Avenger movies, culminating with THE Avengers movie. I have been reading every single review online, I know that you all realize by now I am very much in love with everything Joss Whedon does and I know this will be no different. Also, looking at Thor doesn’t hurt either. I hope everyone has a wonderful day, I will be posting tomorrow about my adventure. I promise no spoilers. If you follow me on twitter, I will be live tweeting from the event. Probably not a lot as I want my battery to last 14 hours.

One Reply to “My Geeky Adventure Begins”

  1. Hooray!! Hope you have a wonderful time.

    And I will be following your Twitterfeed avidly. Living vicariously and all that.


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