Big Doings Ahead

This morning since it is my Friday, I stopped at Starbucks; this one is at Campbell and Central Expressway in Richardson, TX. My experience this morning was horrendous. The pregnant girl at the drive through window was rude, and I had to repeat my order three times before she got it. The she took her time, with the car in front of me and with me, she was purposely slow. She was surly and rude, she probably spit in my iced coffee. I try to avoid this particular Starbucks in the early AM, the midmorning, early afternoon crew is wonderful. They just cannot seem to get the early morning crew to be pleasant, professional and proficient at their job. No early morning recommendation for this Starbucks for the early morning workers.
Yesterday the doctor called in a new medication for the Irishman, it was not a good night, and hopefully this medication will take effect soon and will finally fix the issues. It has been a rough month, not going to lie about that. However, I am hopeful for the future, near and far.
June is going to be a very busy month for me, the very first weekend is the Irishman’s daughters dance recital, and then the following weekend is my family reunion. Then the next weekend is the wedding of a dear friend of mine. So happy I have the middle of the week off, or I would never get errands done! My summer will start with a bang, then July, which is adventure packed as we have the Irishman’s children all month. I have the Wednesdays already planned as it will be me and the girls; I am hoping Tessa can join us for the Wednesday adventures as well.
Well, that’s all I got for now, more later I am sure. Tomorrow is filled with a hair appointment, errands, looking for a shirt to wear to the big Geek Happening and resting for the big day ahead!

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