My Review of The Avengers

From start to finish Joss Whedon delivers a jam packed, intelligent, funny poignant movie, remember folks in Joss’s world no one is safe. If you are not familiar with Joss’ work let me give you a little background. His specialty is strong female characters, heros with flaws and bad guys go get it in the end. No spoiler there, we all know the good guys always win, it is just a matter of when and how. We see a more mature Thor, one who gives thought before going in, although we do see glimpses of the impetuous side of Thor as well. Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner is balm after the mess Eric Banna made of it, Edward Norton was ok, but Mark captures his true hatred of his green side.

Black Widow is strong, and funny, dare I say shades of Buffy here, I am not a huge Scarlett Johansen fan, but I can see no other actress doing this role. She is total greatness, she actually made me want to take martial arts classes and go out and slay bad guys. We don’t see a lot of Hawkeye, but to be honest his character is relatively new to the movie world. We saw a snippet of him in Thor, but he does have a bigger role here, perhaps a Hawkeye movie is in the works, I don’t know. One can only hope.

Tony Stark, wow, in rare form, he was magnificent, really that is all I can say without giving away plot points. Captain America, wrestling with being 70 years older in a world that has changed dramatically, however, his core values never change. Amazing, just amazing.

Loki is truly a great bad guy, he just so badly wants to be adored and worshipped and really isn’t that what we all want? Be honest, you know you do, I know I do, bow down before me. LOVE IT! I love Loki, I admit I always have, I do love a great bad guy, and his role was wonderful.

I really can’t go on too much without spoilers, just please go see it, I plan on going again, there is so much going on, you miss some things. So going back again, will see it several more times on the big screen and buy it when it comes out.

Run, do not walk to see The Avengers, you will know it is the best money you have spent on a movie in a long time.

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