Looks are Deceiving

I was listening to Kidd Kraddick on my way to work yesterday morning and they were replaying the interview they did with Mark Ruffalo. He said something that literally took my breath away; he said that he was so attracted to his wife that he couldn’t imagine being any other way.  Really, that is the way we all want our significant others to feel about us. That they are so attracted to us physically that they cannot imagine life being any other way. When he said that it literally took my breath away, I felt sad, sad for me. I want to feel like the person I am with feels that way about me, that when they look at me they are so attracted to me they can’t imagine life without me.

I know my dad felt that way about my mom; they held hands, when one left the other to go to town they would kiss like they were never going to see each other again. Very romantic, very loving, I know my dad was attracted to my mom, and he could never imagine being any other way.

In today’s society I believe it is frowned upon for a man to feel that way about his wife, they are supposed to go after “hot” women. If a woman is not “hot” by societies standards then men are supposed to keep after it until they find the ever allusive hot girl. When did it become a bad thing to be pretty or cute? What happens to women like me, who are not hot by today’s standards? Who are merely cute, or pretty? We are cast aside, left on the roadside to commiserate with other non-hot women.

Here is the thing, why do men think they deserve a “hot” woman? Do they take care of themselves? Are they themselves “hot”? If you are, and you look like The Rock, then yes, go for the hot female, if you are not and are not rich you are not going to get “hot”.

As for me, I don’t want to be called hot, I want to be called pretty or cute, in some lights beautiful, I want to be with someone who appreciates who I am. Empress of the Universe, known and unknown worlds, bow down before me humans.

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