Monday’s Report

I have determined that I was born on the wrong planet, I should have been born on Asgard, I am positive I would have been a female warrior. Complete with leather pants and a sword, what a thought. Perhaps next time, one can only wish upon a star. I know I am going on and on about The Avengers movie, but it is worth all of the superlative words I have at my disposal. If Disney doesn’t option Joss Whedon for the next Avengers movie they are, well, major idiots.

This weekend was filled with shopping, first off Friday I met my friend Rachel at the Galleria, which as we all know is my mother ship. I actually helped her spend money, she chose some gorgeous dresses, I can’t wait to see what she is going to wear to her party. Her birthday party is this coming Friday, very excited to celebrate her birthday.

Saturday was not a shopping day, it was a cleaning like a dervish day and well, yes I did take the Irishman’s girls to get new swimsuits, so I guess I did shop on Saturday. They played outside while I cleaned, and then after shopping it was pizza and movie night.

Sunday; which is the Irishman’s day off, I left him with his girls and went, oh yes, shopping, this time at Stonebriar. I wandered aimlessly, well, not so aimlessly, I was on the hunt for a jumpsuit, I tried one on at BCBG in the Galleria, and wow, I looked amazing. However, I am not in the mood to spend $248.00 on one. I did find one at Macy’s but I didn’t like the color. So Wednesday I will search some more, I am determined to wear one to the party this coming Friday.

Wednesday is my day off, am seriously thinking of see The Avengers again, I will be going this coming Sunday with the Irishman. But I have an urge to see it again, and again and again. Joss Whedon has taken characters that should never be together and has woven an intricate, complex, fun-filled ride.

Happy Happy Monday People! I hope it is a great one for you all!

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