Happy Thor’s Day to One and All

So today is Thursday, yes once again, it is upon us, or if you prefer Thor’s Day, which is what this day, started out being. I do believe I am going to call it Thor’s Day from this point on. So happy Thor’s Day to all of you.

I did enjoy my day off yesterday, found a birthday present for Rachel; the party is Friday night, so that is good I found something. I think it is pretty cool, I hope she likes it.

I have to admit waking up was hard today, I am very tired today, perhaps about 4 I will have a 5 hour energy drink so I can get some energy and stay awake until at least 9. Tonight is the season finale of Vampire Diaries and The Big Bang Theory; I really want to watch them. I should also get some laundry done, I did some yesterday, but it is a never ending thing at my house. I hate doing laundry; I hate the folding and putting away. If I could hire someone to do it for me, I would, however most housekeepers do not do laundry. That would be my main reason for hiring one. So, oh well, guess it is up to me to continue to do the laundry.

I took a huge chance today, I wore a white skirt, wearing white for me is always a huge deal, because I am completely clumsy and spill things all the time. It is crazy, at my age one would think that I had become at least a little graceful, but no, not me, I am a spiller from way back. I cannot even begin to imagine what I will be when I get older; I will totally be one of those old women who have stains everywhere. I really hope someone will be there to take care of me and make sure I have clean, unstained clothes to wear. At least to important functions, maybe not my at home clothes, but going out to dinner and parties and things, I really want to be clean for those types of events. So if you are reading this Elizabeth Anne, this will be your job, make sure your mom always has clean clothes when she is 90+.

Tomorrow is Friday, the day of the party; I am taking off two hours so I can get ready and look fabulous, not as fabulous as the birthday girl, of course, but still fabulous enough.

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