Calling All Women

Well, it is Mother’s Day again, this year I am not going to bore you all by going on about what a perfect mother I had. I did, just for the record, have a perfect mother. No this year I want to address all of the women that are not behaving as they should as women. I have never disrespected another woman by sleeping with, inappropriately texting, emailing or facebooking a man who is taken. If you are a woman and engaged in these activities with a man who is with a different woman, please stop. You are an embarrassment to all womankind. You deserve nothing less than extreme punishment, you should be shunned by all polite society. Does your family know what you do? I hope your husband, brother, father or coworker, really anyone, sees your phone, email, facebook account. you deserve every bad thing on earth to happen to you.

Most women these days disgust me by their bad, disrespectful behavior. I choose the women to blame, because as my dad once told me, men would not behave badly if women turned them down. Interesting coming from a man who never even thought about behaving badly with my mother. But he totally understood men, they are really little boys who never grow up that will get away with what they can.

So, women, today, on this day, Mother’s Day, make a promise to all other women, I will behave in a manner that is respectful to my sisters. WE are all sisters after all, sisters in Christ, sisters in womanhood, respect that. You respect me, I’ll respect you, and we can change the world.

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