Going Incognito

So last night was Rachel’s birthday party, I must say I was looking forward to celebrating the occasion, as Rachel is fast becoming one of my favorite people. I was not disappointed, it was so much fun. It was supposed to be an outdoor party and it was for about 45 minutes, then the rain started to come in. So inside we all went, the food was great, the alcohol in abundance and the company was amazing. I got to meet new people, and see some people I have not seen in a while and had great conversations with all. The music was a single young man that was just fantastic, he played so many great songs, just him and his guitar, he did such an amazing job.

Everyone looked good, the birthday girl especially in her electric blue dress, Calvin Klein if I am not mistaken. I want to thank Rachel for including us on the guest list, it was a great time!

These are friends of the Irishman, I told him last night if we ever break up, I get them in the settlement agreement. He said he is not giving them the choice of going with me because he knows they would pick me. No worries, he doesn’t have to make that decision for them as we are not breaking up, I would still steal them from him though.

Today is full on pot of coffee day, along with tons of moisturizer and no makeup today, no one would be able to recognize me. I am going incognito, I hope you all have a great incognito day!

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