Today is Betty’s birthday, who is Betty you might ask, well, rest assured I am going to tell you who Betty is. Betty is the cleaning lady in our building; she goes about her job with a joyous spirit, always a smile on her face and always a kind word for everyone that crosses her path. She is funny, hard working and above all joyous; she just has a demeanor that we should all have when we go about our jobs. One would think that a job that requires you to clean up after others would make you cranky, but not Betty, she has such an infectious attitude, just being around her makes one happier. I look forward to my good morning every day and seeing her sunny smile throughout the day. So, Miss Betty, Happy Birthday to you!

Yesterday the world received the sad news that Donna Summer was dead at the age of 63 of lung cancer, she never smoked a day in her life. This morning Kidd Kraddick is playing her songs, I am happy and sad all at the same time. I loved Donna Summer, of course she was the embodiment of Disco, of course that meant my parents had great disdain for her. But for me, her music crept into my soul and released my inner diva. She was amazing, and I will forever love her and her music, God speed Donna Summer, I know you are singing in God’s Choir today.

A busy weekend ahead, the Irishman has his children this weekend; I have a Ladies that Lunch event tomorrow. Looking forward to that, I have been saving a dress that I bought a month ago for this one. I cannot wait to get all dressed up and lunch with my friends. I know an amazing time will be had, good food, good company and great conversation. What more could one ask. I am so grateful for every single blessing in my life and there are many, my amazing friends are just the tip of the iceberg of the greatness that God has bestowed upon me.

I have a special does that make me crazy, every morning on my way to my car, since it is dark, I look around to make sure there are no vampires lurking around. Also during a full moon I keep an eye out for werewolves. Does that make me crazy?

Word of the day: Congregate: to gather. The people began to congregate around the wild eyed young man as he spouted his nonsense.

Happy Friday everyone, remember, vampires don’t like crosses and werewolves are human except for 3 days out of the month.

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