Coffee Monday

So today is Monday, I have to admit I stayed up way to late watching TV, but come on, how on earth does anyone expect me to miss the Real Housewives of New Jersey and Watch What Happens Live! I mean seriously, Rosie was on WWHL, no way was I missing that! I love Rosie, she just rocks. Last nights episode of RHONJ did not disappoint, it was filled with laughter, tears and drama. However it wasn’t really Teresa that brought the drama it was Gia, or as Andy say, G to the IA, she really is hitting the tween years hard. My heart goes out to Teresa, she has to do this 4 times, I hope at least one of the girls is even tempered, however being Italian and Jersey, she is in for some rocky times.

Teresa also lied last night to make her brother look bad, saying he had not reached out to her when indeed he did. Once again Joe Guidice proves he is just a horrible human being saying the worst things about Teresa’s family one could say and on camera. On one had you can understand his frustration as his wife tells him everything and of course slants it to make herself look good (as we all do as humans) and he is fed up with hearing all of this. It does make one wonder, Teresa tells her husband everything; however she expects her brother to keep secrets from his wife. Interesting, I would think she would understand that, I hope she is getting the point of all of that. Watching these shows cannot be easy for her, she was always one of my favorites and I still root for her, I want things to work out for her and her adorable little girls.

So, on to me, Saturday was a Ladies that Lunch happening, it was wonderful as usual, one woman came that is a rare attendee, it was so wonderful seeing her, she always adds fun and laughter to any event she joins us for, so happy to see Charlotte. The food was amazing, we went to one of the Chocolate Angel restaurants, their food is just wonderful, I ate too much. Then it was seeing Jeffrey, I always love seeing any of my children, now that they are grown I don’t get to see them every day and I miss them. However I love seeing them independent and self sufficient, although sometimes they still need their mother. As in looking after their animals when they go out of time, then I get to be useful! Love it!

I am loving my schedule, however next time I am thinking of doing the straight 4 x 10’s and having 3 days in a row off. I am thinking towards Christmas, I could get so much done with those three days off, without having to take any vacation time, so there we have it. I will be doing the straight 4 x 10’s next time, having Friday through Sunday off. Well I am going to sign off now and drink my coffee, I need it today, the housewives wore me out!

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