Bad Parenting

I have several things on my mind this morning, well two really, one trivial, one not so much, two rants, which one to choose. I will go with the not trivial one this morning. Yesterday I saw a video while perusing the news stories on Yahoo, it was two parents who put their toddler into a washing machine at a laundromat. The video was soundless, which, as we know from watching Buffy makes it more terrifying to watch. We see the father scoop up the toddler and place him/her (I don’t know) head first into a front loading machine. Then he shuts the door, puts money in and turns it on, the mother then comes around see what he has done and points and they both laugh. Then the mother reaches over to open the door for the poor panicked child. She cannot, because as any semi-intelligent person knows, the machines at the laundromat lock when you turn them on, especially front loading washing machines. The instructions even state that, right there, in black and white, at this point I can only assume these two morons cannot read. They began to panic in earnest, an attendant comes over to see what the commotion is, and he is horrified and begins running toward something, the story said the breakers. The attendant does get the machine to go off and the toddler is saved, minor bruises and what we can assume is a damaged psyche at this point in time. The story didn’t say if charges were being pressed against the parents. One can hope that child protective services were called and the parents will receive some much-needed education. Verbal education as they appear not to be able to read simple instructions at a laundromat.

Parenting is not that hard people, common sense, you do not place your child in a washing machine for fun, or anything! Seriously, you have to take a test to drive a car, join the military, shoot enter college, however, any moron can become a parent. Any idiot can do that, the only time they test is when adoption is involved. When people are in the hospital having a baby there should be a test, if you fail, then classes will be provided to you, you will have to pay for them as idiocy comes with a price. The price should not be the life of your child, it should be with your money, if you have no money, then you should work off the cost of the course by helping other parents after you have completed the course work yourself. Assuming some people can pass, I don’t know what to do with the ones that don’t pass, I have not gotten that far in my thinking process, I am sure I will be slammed for all of this, however, I think we can all guess how much I care about that.

Seriously, stop the madness, if you think it is funny to put a child in a washing machine to watch them panic, you might not make a good parent. Think about it before you procreate.

That’s all.


4 Replies to “Bad Parenting”

  1. Hate to disagree with some details of your otherwise excellent rant… parenting IS hard. It involves thinking, lots of work, and putting someone else before yourself. Which, mind you, are things that many, many people in this world have no desire to do. Which, of course is why we have endless stories of parents doing stupid things like this, and people wanting the government (or others… the 1%, perhaps?) to take care of them.

    Certainly nothing about this *excuses* what these morons did. And until we come up with way to place children permanently with the “good parents” (and THERE is a loaded question on how you determine that – though all the folks queuing up for domestic and foreign adoptions ought to tell you there is something there) and not just the overworked and flawed Foster System, morons will continue to have kids.

    Then again, maybe that is just what those people want… Have “The System” take their responsibilities away from them so they can be completely selfish again. The key question, though, is what is the best thing for the child… a question which has yet to be answered.


  2. I should clarify, parenting is not hard on the level of do not put your child in a washing machine. Of course it is hard work, with sleepless nights, worry that you are doing everything “right”, this is the hard part, the easy part should be the common sense part. The don’t let your child play in traffic, buckle them up in the car, don’t nap with a toddler wide awake and ready to explore. These should be the simple things about parenting.


  3. Oh my! What the heck were they thinking? Of course charges should be filed. As for the parents that don’t pass the class, put the kids up for adoption. There are plenty of people wanting children that can’t have any of their own.


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