Updates and Geek Happiness

I have an update on the toddler that was placed in the washing machine in the laundromat that I talked about a few days ago. The original news story identified the man and woman as the little boys parents. I am happy to report they were not his parents, horrified to tell you it was his babysitter and her boyfriend. The parents didn’t find out until the police showed up at their door to question them regarding the incident. This my friends is every parents nightmare, that the person you have entrusted with the care of your child, so you can work to support your family, is an abuser. Or in this case allowed someone else to harm the child. I hope they get stiff sentences, I will have to keep an eye on this. Thank you to Stacy for sending me the updated story.

Today is Friday and the start of a three-day weekend, an amazing occurrence, as next week I only work three days, without taking a vacation day, how amazing is that! I am very happy, I have my movie for tomorrow, One for the Money, loved the book, love the movie, can’t wait to watch it again.

I may sneak in another Avengers watching, I have not decided as of yet, I have a theory. I fully believe if I see the movie enough times I will become part of it. I think fighting off an alien attack will be way less stressful than the life I have here. We shall see, I’ll keep you updated. In the meantime Loki and Captain America are on twitter! Ok, so it is the actors that play them that are on twitter. I wonder if they have the internet on Asgard, hmmmmm something I shall check out when I become part of the movie.

Well must go for now, getting dressed and heading to work for another exciting day, oh, yes, I have news from the workfront. One of my co-workers, Jason, made mention of Thor being on my IPad, he asked if it was just the actor or the character that I was infatuated with. I started going on and on about the myth and comic books and Joseph Campbell, as I tend to do. I asked if it was too much only to find out he likes mythology as well, so happy to have another geek in the row! So hiho hiho it’s off to work I go, I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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