Fashion No-No’s

I love doing nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, except getting caught up on DVR things and reading and playing on the computer and IPad and IPhone. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, in fact I do believe if I won the lottery I would do absolutely nothing for about a week. I think a week is all I could handle of doing nothing.

I suppose I could have gone down to the pool and done nothing there, that would have been nice, however, I really didn’t want to, I just wanted to do nothing here, alone, with me for company. I am great company, I find I am intelligent, articulate and have a great sense of humour. At least to me I do, and well, it is me I am keeping company, so there.

Thinking ahead, this is a three-day weekend for me, I am off Monday, I did not volunteer to work, on one hand I wish I had, but on the other I am glad I did not. Maybe Monday will be a popcorn and movie day, there are a lot of movies I have not seen and we have the Apple TV, with a ton of movies to choose from. Or a Netflix day, streaming Dark Shadows, or reading, I have some books to finish, I could really do anything.

I do believe Starbucks will be in order this morning, I have no cream for my coffee so I will need to go to Starbucks for coffee. I have my giant, insulated coffee cup, ready for an iced coffee, I do believe that is what I will be having. Yum. I think I deserve a treat as I deprive myself of a lot of great things in life. Candy, alcohol, Taco Bueno daily, high fat foods, I deserve an iced coffee dangit.

Starbucks rules and I even got to stop by my favorite one this morning, the one at Park and Custer, I love that one. They are friendly, courteous and professional. Serving coffee with a smile and kind word, just what everyone needs to get their day started. Today will be a good day, I can already see the signs.

I would like to talk about working in an office that has no dress code for a moment. Summer is fast approaching and that is when all of the inappropriate outfits come out of the closet. Please ladies, if you are going to wear a tube top, do it at the pool, or the lake or NASCAR races, not in the office. When you wear a tube top, with no foundation garment to speak of, it is not a good look, especially if you are of a certain age and are, how should I put this, top-heavy. It looks no better when you pair it with a blanket. Also, short shorts, while fine at the pool, lake or NASCAR, it is not fine in the office, you are all old enough to understand the word professionalism. Even though we are not a customer facing office, except by phone, we all have to look at each other. Tube tops and short shorts are really not appropriate office clothing.

The complete breakdown of societal fashion is horrifying to me, perhaps it is my age, perhaps it was the parenting that I had. My mother always instilled in me a sense of pride about the way I look, we may not be rich she would say but we can look good all the same. I am often shocked (yes even after all this time) by what some people think is appropriate office wear. Even one time when I had jury duty, I was shocked by what one of the attorney’s had on. It was the heyday of Ali McBeal and this woman had on a skirt that was so short I was thankful she dropped nothing.

I hate sweatsuits, I hate velcro, I hate when people wear tennis shoes without socks, I hate crocs, there, I’m done.


One Reply to “Fashion No-No’s”

  1. I love doing absolutely nothing too Angie. I think that is what Im going to do for this upcoming Holiday (since I can’t get any OT). A friend pointed out to me the other day that I need to get back to me. With so many things going on around me, I think I have forgotten about me. So this weekend Im going to start “doing me”. HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY MY FRIEND!!!!


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