Scattered Thoughts

I sit here staring at the whiteness of it all, the blank page, the nemesis of anyone who considers themselves a writer. While I know I am not a writer in terms of being published, you must admit I am prolific in my attempts at being a writer.

This morning there is a lot on my mind, maybe too many things to choose from, do I write about the dream I had last night? I was with the cast of The Walking Dead only it wasn’t a show, it was real and we were all living in a school and I had Tessa with me. We had to stay in the classrooms in the middle during the night and not turn on any lights as it attracts the zombies. Or do I write about my feelings of inadequacies at being a parent? So many conflicting emotions are warring within me at the point in time.  I continually question every decision I have ever made since becoming a parent. Did I do it all the right way? Did I really do the best I possibly could? So many questions, so many doubts. One thing I never have doubt in, is my children and their ability to overcome, adapt and succeed. They are truly remarkable, I can only take a minimum amount of credit, they were all born with the personalities that they have. The only thing I can take credit for is their strange television viewing habits.

Do I write about my obsessions with superheros? I am continually fascinated by all of them really, I have some that are more loved than others. Superman continues to be a favorite, I have loved him since I was 3 years old, Batman, not the dark knight one, the campy one, I love him, Wonder Woman, I want to be her. Thor, god of thunder come to earth, who doesn’t love that. I continue to this day to be fascinated by them, I know there is some debate regarding DC vs Marvel heroes and heroines, however I love them all.

Since I am so scattered today in my thinking I will sign off for now, tomorrow is a new day, a special day here in America. Where we honor all of our fallen heroes, the real ones, the ones that gave their lives defending our freedoms. More to come tomorrow.

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