Thank You

On this Memorial Day I would like to take a moment and thank the men and women who have given their lives so that we all may enjoy freedom. I would like to thank the Revolutionary war soldier who was fighting for an idea, not an actuality, fighting for the life he wanted his children and grandchildren to enjoy. The freedom to self govern, the freedom to say anything they wanted without fear of punishment. The freedom to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I thank you so much for the legacy you left to us here in this great country.

To the men and women who came after you, who continued to fight for our freedoms, on our home soil and abroad, I thank you. Your courage and fortitude amaze me, you leave me in awe of your personal sacrifices so that we, here at home, may know what it is like to live with no sacrifices. I thank the families of the men and women who have served our nation, without your sacrifice we would not have this freedom.

I owe a great deal to all who have come before me, it is a debt that can never be repaid, all I can do is simply say thank you. Thank you for your bravery, thank you for your courage, thank you for your service, thank you for your life.

God bless and keep all of our service men and women, God Bless America.

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