Starbucks, Friday, Robin Hood

Today is a Starbucks kind of day, I am thinking Greek Yogurt, iced coffee, in my very own Venti insulated cup and Chipotle Chicken Wraps for lunch. Thank you Starbucks for starting my day off right and continuing it on throughout the day.

This past weekend went by way too fast, I had a full three days off from work, and I did nothing exciting, it was really nice. Sunday we did go out to eat, we found a new place for fish and chips, McSwiggans on Windhaven. It was really good, much better than the Ice House on Preston. The last time we ate there the food was just horrible, like it was all microwaved, not only microwaved but left in there way too long. Will not be going back there again, nor recommending it to anyone.

We watched Thor on the HD TV, could not find my blue ray, so upset, I do have it downloaded on my IPhone, so the Irishman streamed it from my IPhone to the television. I love technology. Without it I would have not been able to watch Thor, which would have been upsetting.

Yesterday I saw that Robin Hood was on, the Russell Crowe version, which made me miss the BBC Robin Hood, so off to Netflix I go. And yes, success, it is there. Start watching Robin Hood, with all of the English accents it makes me miss Tom Hiddleston, so IMDB here I come. There is a series he did in England, Henry IV, nowhere on Netflix, or BBC America. I have begged the Irishman to see if he can find it and download it. I need to see that series. I cannot wait for Much Ado About Nothing to hit theaters; I need my fix of a Joss Whedon project.

Today is my Monday, Tuesday and Friday all rolled into one, very heady stuff, I have off tomorrow as it is my regular day off, perhaps I should have taken today off. Then I would have had 5 days off while only taking one vacation day. However we did nothing exciting so I am going to save my vacation day for when I actually have something to do. I have already started thinking about the schedule I will choose next shift bid. It will go into Christmas so the dynamic will be different, it is something to think about, it will be time to choose before I know it.

I hope everyone enjoys their day, I know I will, as it is Friday and Starbucks day!

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