Cabana Boys and Starbucks

I need a vacation, a vacation where all I do is sit on a beach with a cabana boy bringing me alcohol treats with little umbrellas adorning the glass. I have so much to process right now, a vacation would do me good, my mind and my heart are full.
There is a part of me that wants so badly to go back home and be near my family, I miss them so much, it was so amazing seeing them this weekend. However I feel like I didn’t get to catch up with everyone, I could sit and talk to Richard for hours about family history. Listening to Larry’s stories was just greatness, I love his wife Donna, she is just a sweetheart. I feel as if I didn’t get to visit with Cindy long enough, I need to visit her one on one, but it was good getting to know Paula’s girls.
I will not be moving back to Oklahoma, I like Texas too much; it is just sometimes I wish I were more connected here. My children really keep me anchored here; they are Texans, through and through. Even though Jeffrey was not born here, he claims to be Texan. I wonder what would happen if I reminded him he was born in Oklahoma, he would probably just shake his head. As for me, well, I would love to live in New York, or Alaska, even Montana, I want to go somewhere cold, however, I would like to live where they have shopping as well. So, New York would be the best place for me, I don’t know how long I could handle it, before being driven completely insane, but I would love to give it a go.
I have a lot of things to say and I feel that I have a short amount of time to say them in, I don’t know why I feel such an urgency to impart every single thought in my head, but there it is. I feel a need to get it all out, even the inane things, like my addiction to caffeine, and yes I know it is an addiction. Even today I am having an inordinate amount of coffee.
I have it at home then bring it to work with me in my extra large Starbucks insulated cup, so good, so amazing. God’s way of saying I love you Angie, I will believe that till the day I die. I have traced back my caffeine addiction to my grandmother, she used to give me milk coffee when I was little and it grew from there. I will be forever grateful to her for giving me the elixir of life.

One Reply to “Cabana Boys and Starbucks”

  1. I agree 100% cabana boys and alcohol…wooo hoo what a combo… 🙂
    I know how you feel I have been feeling the same way as far as missing my family. Mine is in PA…and I miss them alot want to move back and be with them..but like you my kids are Texans and they remind me of that everyday….lol…I would love to move away and start all over but here we are….so if you get homesick come talk to me….I know how you feel…esp since the surgery I have been itching to go home.


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